10 Must Know Travel Apps to Fulfill Your Trip

Are you sure you know enough travel app? Agoda,, Airbnb. What’s else?

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People are traveling more and more than ever and according to a report by World Tourism Organization, it is estimated that by 2030, with a global population of 8.5 billion people will take approximately 2 billion international trips.
2 billion people not only travel easier but also to have better-quality tour or more comfortable accommodation with the help of technology. It has changed the way billions travel no matter what type of trip they have.
Technology helps us to have better trip, but are you sure you take enough benefits from the technology. Not just only cheaper price but also efficiency travel process.

So here we are, introduce you 10 Extremely Useful Travel Apps that maximize your travel experience from the time you plan for your trip until the day you on the road. Or even after the trip, there’s an app to make you get over the trip and get back to your daily life.


Best For Finding Cheap Flights – Hopper

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Hopper helps travelers find the cheapest flights possible by analyzing billions of airfare and hotel prices a day – as well as its vast archive of historical data – to tell you whether to wait or book your trip.

How it works: Type in your destination and a color-coded calendar will show you the cheapest (and most expensive) dates to fly. Hopper will then recommend whether you should go ahead and buy now, or hold off until the rates get better.

If it tells you to stay tuned, you can set up a price “watch” and put your phone away. When the price has dropped to its lowest point and it’s time for you to swipe, Hopper will send you a notification.

Best For Accomodation

Best Last-Minute Deals – Hotel Tonight

This app is a dream for last-minute travelers. With different categories like basic, luxe, charming and high-roller, the app offers fantastic last-minutes rate.

The app allows you to filter for location, dates, the number of guests. Hotel Tonight is the best choice if you want to quickly book a quality room. You will have fewer options than in other apps, but the choices are good and offered at steep discounts.

But what if you are not a last-minute person? Check out this app

The Only App for Travelers Earn to Travel – Triip

Earn to Travel app

You are the type of person want to plan everything ahead. From where to sleep to what to do. You want to have everything in your mind before get on the plane.

So Triip will save your money to book with more than 29M rooms, 80,000 global tours and activities worldwide.
All you need to do is complete the mission in the app: invite friends, spin the lucky wheel, submit the travel plan. You will accumulate travel point (they called TIIM). And with that TIIM, you can book hotels.
What’s more? They have 5% rebate for your hotel booking.

So to all non last-minutes travelers, download this app and earn your travel points.

Best For Planning your Trip

Triip Advisor

Browse Traveler Photos for Inspiration and map out your travel plans.

In this app, you can acccess to 830M reviews & opinions around the world to help you make decision where to go in your trip.

Triip! Again!

Send travel plan to get travel suggestion

Besides earn to travel features, Triip has “CREATE TRAVEL PLAN” features.
How it works:

  • Type the desired city
  • Type of trip: solo, couple, family or group travel
  • Type of activities you prefer: Budget Travel, Spiritual, Luxury, Green Travel, Adventure Travel and many more
  • The time you want to travel
    Then just submit the travel plan. They will send you back the recommendation for your upcoming travel. All you need to do is sending your travel plan and wait.

These are 2 things relating to this features you need to know:

  • If you are on the trip: submit the travel proof to receive 264TIIM (travel points) to book other services in another trip
  • If you decide not to travel yet, it is ok, submit the travel plan you still receive 10 TIIM (travel point)

Ok! Now you done with planning, you are about to travel!

Don’t forget these 2 apps:

Best for Remembering Items – PackPoint travel packing list

“Never Forget Your __ Again!” is the slogan for the PackPoint app, which helps you build a packing list based on your trip. Input the dates, the location, the type of travel, and the activities you plan on doing—and the app will conveniently generate a list of items you should bring.

PackPoint even checks the weather to make sure you bring an umbrella or a heavier jacket depending on your destination.

Done with packing, you now might ask SO WHAT? Here to the app for who travel outside the country

Best for Preventing Jet Lag – Timeshifter


The app was developed by scientists who used sleep and circadian neuroscience to help inform the personalized jet lag plans they craft for you.

According to the app’s website , even astronauts and elite athletes have used it to arrive at their destinations in tip-top shape.
The first “jet lag plan” is free, so try it out on your next adventure across the world.

Ok, now time to get on the bus or the flight and ready to travel. These are those apps will make your travel always great!


Best App to go around – Google Maps

Photo by henry perks on Unsplash

Consider all the map app, Google Maps is essential when you are on the trip.

Make sure to download specify city or area maps ahead of time for offline access so even you don’t have wifi, it still can help you go around.
What’s else? The feature “Explore nearby” with different categories such as Group-friendly dining, Cheap spots for groups, Cheap eats, No reservations needed, Museums, Historic places and etc.

Best App to Plan Activities – Meetup

Although Facebook has events feature which helps you to find the event in the city, you can take a look of the app – Meetup.

It is designed for interacting with locals and other travelers who have mutual interests or shared hobbies. The activities in the app is variety from yoga, photography, hiking, cinema and much more.
No matter you are family travel or solo travelers, there are always events for you.

Best App to Avoid Argument – Tricount 🤓

Imagine this, you are on the trip with a group of friends and everyone is trying to spend wisely because this is your budget travel. You paid the hotel, your friend pays for lunch and the other pay shopping. Instead of trying to calculate how much each person needs to pay and who needs to get back money in each location.

Use Tricount – it tells who to reimburse and how much.
Each time someone pays for something, you enter the amount in Tricount and the app splits everything evenly. You can also snap and store photos of receipts in the app. At the end of your trip, it will show the balances of who owes who what, making it easy to settle up at the end.

Everything comes to an end, your trip has ended. The big question is how to get back to normal life after having so much fun. How to get back to the normal track?

These are different ways and tips. For example, someone will recommend to end the trip at weekday so when you come back to work, you only work for a few days. Yes, we agree that might trick your brain. However, in a long term, it won’t be a good way.

We suggest this app which we think is more sustainable in long-term impact.



Get back to work already stressful after holiday. So here is the app to find your inner peace. Just like travel is an opportunity to relax, this app helps you to meditate, listen to soothing sounds. Take 5 mins every time you feel stressed at work to meditate. Calm offers meditation on topics such as self-awareness, calming anxiety, breathing, lowering stress levels and happiness, among others.

Moreover, the app also has music options for sleeping. So even you have hard times to sleep after changing the sleep schedule, let’s Calm handle that for you.

Here are 10 apps make travel easier for you. We hope you find a useful app for you in the next vacation (after the pandemic of course)

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