10 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Vietnam

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With many people, Vietnam has been known as the war torn country with the memory of Vietnam War. But the war is over, Vietnam has much more to tell about.

Here are 10 out standing reasons that explain why you should travel to Vietnam!

1. Vietnam has a long history and rich culture.

Vietnam is the mixed culture with the old traditional part from the North and the modern lifestyle in the South which is imported from the Western culture.


2. It’s genuinely safe.

The communist government has done a great job on keeping security controlled. Foreigners, especially, are highly protected.

3. Vietnam is a very new place for tourism

So many people are stunned by your presence. You will feel like a celebrity. Locals typically know very little english, but can usually say hello and call you beautiful. The locals that do know a little bit, love to try and practice it with you.

4. Vietnamese people are extremely friendly!

Everywhere you go across the country, you will be welcomed by the smiley locals.

Everyone on the streets say hello to you, and the children are very cute! From the big crowded cities to countryside, you can find happy faces everywhere. They are curious about your life more than you can expect.

5. Spectacular Nature

Vietnam is a truly hidden treasure that only those once visiting the would be able to tell.
It has misty mountain with colourful hills and vertical cliff. It has beautiful beach and charming islands and vibrant green rice paddies.
6. The diversity of Wildlife 

The discovery in recent years of several previously unknown species of plants, birds and animals speaks volumes for the wealth of Vietnam’s biodiversity and makes the improving access to the country’s national parks all the more gratifying.

7. Exotic Food 
People travel to Vietnam and fall in love with street food.

All the food is super fresh as the seafood is caught fresh in the morning and sold out within hours. Fresh herbs, fiery chilies, fragrant noodle dishes – pho is just the beginning.


8. Everything is cheap!

You can usually get a good authentic Vietnamese meal for $1!  Also, the shopping is unreal. Plus you can try to haggle anywhere.

9. You will enhance your communication skills.

It might look easy at first but Vietnamese is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world. You might remember the characters, the words in writing but it’s almost impossible to pronounce it right. The language relies heavily on tones. There are tons of tones and accents, you’ll be confused.

10. Vietnam is full of amazing experiences!

From the crazy carpeting down the sand dunes, walking along the warm water of the fairy stream, taking a cable car up Ba Na Hill, visiting Buddhist Temples and pagodas and charming little farming and fishing villages, kitesurfing on the ocean, and relaxing on the white sand beaches. And so much more!

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