10 trips returning favor to the wilderness

People who love travelling always know that we will learn and open up our minds when we visit new places, meeting new people. However, for better or worse, we at the same time also change the place we come.

If you would like to take a new mission for your next journey, take one of these trips below. You will find yourself exploring the beauty of nature, conserving the cultural values, and supporting the local communities. After all, you will change and be changed.

1) Sailing up the coast in Great Bear Rain-forest of British Columbia, Canada

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In order to conserve and extract natural resource from Great Bear Rainforest, fishing and ecotourism has become the key of sustainable development in here. Tourists can experience the forest, sailing up the coast, seeing bears, wolves, and whales, and exploring the local villages. Book a tour with Maple Leaf Adventures and you will truly feel appreciated our mother Earth for bringing us to this wild-but-wonderful world.

Price: From $2,620-$5,750 for six to ten days

2) Visiting Inca Descendants in Peru

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Machu Picchu is widely well-known for its history and the great collection of ancient Inca walls. Condor Travel (, a Cusco-based travel company, has come to the idea of setting up small-scale tour which benefits the local community and doesn’t cause negative impact on the land. Tourists take hiking tour to the village and experience the local life with spearmint tea and clothes weaving. Visitors will have the chance to learn the deep Inca history from the Inca descendants, and it surely will be an unforgettable exploration.

Price: $215 for two days

3) Releasing Sea Turtles in Baja, Mexico

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Easy to catch, tasty to eat, that’s sea turtles. This “fun fact” leads to another fact that sea turtles has been listed into one of the endangered species. To encourage people saving sea turtles, Red Sustainable Travel ( helped to bring volunteers here to release turtles from the nets, measure, weigh, tag them and let them go back to the sea. It’s a trip of hard work but then you will find yourself lying on the white sand dunes listen to the sound of Pacific ocean, and nothing in this world is more beautiful than that.

Price: $650

4) Rafting the Futaleufú River in Patagonia, Chile

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There’s a truth which can’t help but admit that Futaleufu is one of the most spectacular river of the world, which attracts the adventurous visitors to come and challenge their courage. This is also the best place for cruising, bathing in natural springs, climbing, mountain biking, or simply sightseeing the beauty of wilderness. To protect its nature, Earth River Expedition has founded a conservation organization to protect Futaleufu River from being destroyed by human construction and increase people awareness to protect the nature.

Price: $3,400 for eight days

5) Horseback riding with Mongolian Nomads

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Book a trip with Nomad Expedition and discover Mongolia, where people still tend to their herds with cell phone in hand. Just 2 weeks and you will have full experience of horseback riding, camel trekink, hot spring bathing and learn about the nomadic life. The funding and profits from the tours will help to support the local and improve their life.

Price: $2,125

6) Exploring Mount Kilimanjaro in Tazania

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This is Mount Kilimanjaro, a lava-formed mountain where rain forests stretching to the horizon. The wild and natural stage of the place has helped to attract visitors but it also leads to deforestation and pollution. Foreseeing the issue, Nomadic Experience developed the tour that travelers being part of the countryside instead of conquering the summit. They will plant more trees, living in the heart of the forest altogether with elephants, zebras and coffee farms. Isn’t that all the meaning of traveling?

Price: $3,625

7) Tracking Rhinos in Namibia and South Africa

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In recent years, Rhinoceroses become one of the most endangered species which is on the verge of extinction. Several rhinos were killed by the poachers for its horn, and this is a serious issue that many conservation organizations are fighting for. Namibia is also one of the place where rhinos are protected by many conservation tourism organizations. Travelers can join one of the eco-lodges to support Namibia, or help the researchers to find rare rhinos and drill microchips into their horns for tracking, and they will visit San Bushman, see the wild animals and rock art on the way.

Price: $7,750

8) Seeing rare gorillas in The Republic of the Congo

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Walk through the rainforest, if you are lucky enough, you will meet the western lowland gorilla – a rare creature with intelligence shining in their eyes. Due to little protection for this land and creatures living in, Wilderness Safaris has built two camps to offer the locals new jobs which are not destroying the landscape. To support in terms of funding, travelers can come and have an eco-tour to hike through the forests, see the wild animals and meet the local people. The fees will helps in terms of research funding, local schools and health care for the local citizens and contribute to the sustainable development of this place.

Price: $5,885 for six nights

9) Volunteering at a National Park, USA

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America’s national parks are all wide and diverse. Some are popular, some are struggling to attract people. To support the low budget ones, National Park Service has developed volunteer program, that visitors can have many different tasks, from building trails to guiding nature walk, or assisting archaeologists. You can choose your own position, enjoy working in the spectacular landscape of nature, and maintain these wonders to your next generation.

10) Tracking wild animals in India

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Let’s book a tour with Wildland Adverture and visit famous attractions in India, from Taj Mahal to Kanha and Bandvargh Jungle Lodges. You will not only experience the rich culture and history of India, but you will also learn about its natural diversity. This is the chance for you to meet the Bengal tiger, the world largest cat and one of the world’s most endangered species. The eco-tour will bring you into the forest of rare animals such as deer, sloths, birds, etc.  The fees you pay will contribute to the funding of tiger conservation organizations, and this is how your trip can help to sustain the wildlife.

Price: $6,995



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