2 Best Sullungtang Restaurants in Koreatown, LA


Sullungtang is a type of Korean beef soup, made by boiling various parts of bone for hours to get a depth of flavor in its broth.Here are 2 best sullungtang restaurants in LA Koreatown.

Han Bat Restaurant


Without question, the most famous Sullungtang restaurant in LA. Sullungtang is the only item on their menu, and you can have different parts of beef in it, but the milky bone broth is the star. It’s crowded any time of the day, and it is always full of old-school Korean people, which you know is a sign that the food is pretty legit.



One of the reasons why Han Bat does so well is their delicious kimchi.  Sullungtang is traditionally eaten with radish (kkak-doo-gi) kimchi, and it is common for Korean people to add the spicy kimchi broth in the soup for extra flavor.

Young Dong Restaurant


Those new kids on the block, Young Dong restaurant also makes them good bowl of sullungtang. Han Bat and Young Dong both serve beef based soup, but Han Bat boils beef bones for a long time to achieve the milky consistency, while clear broth indicates that Young Dong uses less bones and more meat to achieve its soup flavor.



The clear sullungtang is sometimes referred to as gom-tang in Korean.  There is no clear definition of what differentiates gom tang from sullungtang.  You might  taste the famous soup at Young Dong Restaurant.


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