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24 Best Jobs For You To Travel The World

Jobs to travel

If you are one of these people who love travel but don’t want to risk quitting your job and not having a steady stream of income, there are other ways to see the world. You don’t have to leave the workforce or even drain your bank account to spend your days traveling.

There are plenty of companies out there looking for employees who want to travel as part of their job duties. So if quitting your job to gallivant around the globe is not for you, consider looking into the following opportunities to have the best of both worlds.

 If you want to get paid to travel, consider one of these 24 types of positions that require travel.

1. Pilot

As an airline pilot you’ll fly passengers and cargo to destinations around the world. This can be an exciting and challenging job which involves a lot of responsibility. If you are keen on aircraft and travel this could be ideal for you.

2. Flight attendant

Airlines are required by law to provide flight attendants for the safety and security of passengers. The primary job of flight attendants is to keep passengers safe and to ensure that everyone follows security regulations. Flight attendants also try to make flights comfortable and enjoyable for passengers.

3. Retail buyer

Travel: depending on the product, travel can be a regular feature of the job including overseas to trade fairs and events (particularly for fashion buyers) during the buying season.

4. Travel agent

Travel agents book business and leisure travel for customers. For this role you’ll need to be well organised and have an eye for detail. If you are interested in travel, and you like planning and organising, this could be the ideal job for you.

5. Peace Corps volunteer

Peace Corps Volunteers travel overseas to make real differences in the lives of real people.

6. Event coordinator

Working as an on-site coordinator is one of the most unique and exciting of all the jobs that require travel. As an on-site coordinator, you get to travel the world, working incredible events, meetings, and incentive trips.

7. Cruise line worker

It’s a job that allows you to travel to beautiful destinations on a spectacular floating resort, being part of a multi-cultural team from different nationalities.

8. Travel tour guide

If there’s one job that guarantees you travel while you work, it’s going on holiday with other people.

9. Destination wedding photographer

A destination wedding photographer can travel to specific wedding locations or offer his or her services to brides and grooms coming in from other areas.

10. International aid worker

Foreign aid workers are employed abroad to provide assistance to the underserved and displaced. These workers travel extensively, allowing them to meet and help a wide variety of people.

11. Archaeologist

Archaeologists whose research areas are not near where they live may travel regularly, as funding permits, to conduct surveys or excavations.

12. Auditor

International or national travel is often part and parcel of an internal auditors role, with the large, multinational brands more likely to demand extensive travel. The opportunity to examine the operational parts of businesses in an international context is unique to this role.

13. Civil servant

You could travel widely and work on some of the most important global issues. But you must be capable of working to a high standard, often under pressure and in difficult conditions.

14. Athletic recruiter

The job often requires traveling to sporting events. Since many games and practices take place outdoors, scouts should be comfortable in various weather conditions. Games often also occur on weekends and evenings, so scouts usually must work during these times

15. English teacher

Teaching English abroad is a great way to travel the world and make money (or cover your expenses) at the same time. By becoming an English teacher overseas, you get to spend an extended period of time in a location and learn what it feels like to actually live there, rather than just visiting as a tourist. If you are interested in learning the language, it is also a great opportunity to become fully immersed in the learning experience as you will have to use the language everyday, although not in your job.

16. Traveling nurse

Becoming a travel nurse allows you to experience traveling the country to its fullest. Spending roughly 3 months in each city allows you to meet new friends, experience different cultures, food and entertainment.  You will be exposed to different healthcare delivery systems and a variation of new professional experiences that will help you become a more independent, flexible and experienced nurse.

17. Oceanographer

Ocean scientists often have to travel extensively, doing physical tasks and encountering risky organisms or scenarios that test all of their skills.

18. WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

As you can imagine, WWOOF opens endless opportunities on an extended-travel trip. If you make your way around the world visiting a selection of the 99 countries that participate in WWOOF, you can save tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a year. You can also learn skills, absorb languages, and make friends.

19. International Trading Business

This position often involves significant travel or living abroad as you will have to personally examine the segment of the company in order to analyze its function.

20. Au Pair

A classic way to travel, learn a language and experience a new culture, working as an au pair won’t earn you big bucks but will provide you with a roof over your head, food and plenty of time to explore. Au pairs are needed all over the world and work is often part time.

21. Yacht sailor

Traveling the world by sailboat is a dream shared by many but experienced by few—more often than not thrown to the wind and destroyed by careers, commitments, and shore-side attachments. But for those who make the commitment to the sea, the life is incredibly rewarding—universal living, simple in its routines yet profoundly real.

22. Photograph & Film Travel

Long gone are the days in which being a travel photographer simply meant you shot photography for a certain travel magazine or newspaper. The world isn’t that simple anymore, and the level of competition in the photography world has never been higher. But still, I’m fairly sure there are more “travel photographers” on the planet now than there ever were — just check your Instagram feeds.

23. Freelance

So we’re dealing with freelance jobs. However, if you choose well and deliver well, a short-term freelance job can become a longer-term freelance job that you continue from home after traveling.

24. Interpreter

If you’ve got true fluency in at least two languages then work as an interpreter can take you all over the world. Interpreters are needed at political and business meetings, international conventions and conferences, in court rooms and hospitals, refugee camps and multinational companies. Although you’ll generally be based in one location you can easily see the world on a series of short contracts. You’ll need a language degree, a qualification in interpreting and specialist knowledge of science, politics, law or economics

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