Kohrong Samloem : An Exploration to a Truly Paradise Of Cambodia

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Cambodia tourisme is believed to be attracted with an ancient and mysterous Angkor Wat, Very few tourists think  about going to beach or secluded islands in this country. Actually, Cambodia has lots of beautiful beaches which can be compared with Thailand and Indonesia. IF you want to find a quite place to escape from the busy life of urban but not croweded like Phuket or Bali, Koroh Samloem is a place definitely for you.

Located to only 20km from Sihanoukville with 45 minutes by cruise, you stepped your food in such an amazing island. Kohrong Samloem is a secluded island which has not been effected by tourism, that’s why it still keep the original beauty of nature. Most of island is unexplored and covered by a jungle
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Also, the Tech holics should not come here when the electric is cut twice a day and also wifi doean’t exist.

Koroh Samloem is a small island without habitants. Only some resort are available  besprently in a part of island built and managed by Europeans, not actually a resort, it’s just a petit wooden house lying in the coastline.
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Bringing itself a blue emerald, the sea water here is always pellucid and be able to see the bottom with many type of fish swimming. There are 2 beaches here : Sunrise and Sunset which most of resort are gathered in Sunrise with gentle sea waves. In the contrast, Sunset is for people who want to enjoy violent sea waves and harmonize to nature.
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The major activities here are beach sportts like : scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, exploring and fishing. You can rent diving equipments to explore the bottom of sea and observe many beautiful types of fish and corals or have a cruise to M/Pay Bay fishing village to learn more a local lifestye. Don’t forget to climb to Paradise Village to see a whole view of Koroh Samloem
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