Three Most Beautiful Castles of Japan

Castles, where recall the warring states era of the old Japan , impress the tourists with their unique architecture and feudal charm. Castles were constructed in 15th century with defense purposes, nowadays, they are one of the attraction things for the tourists. Let see some famous castles

  1. Osaka castle

It is main tourist site in Osaka also considered as the most important structure in Japan because of its major role in a unification of Japan, under Hideyoshi Toyotomi. The construction started in 1583. At this time, it was the largest castle.

It was destroyed 2 times, during 17th century when Tokugawa troops attacked and burned it down in 1615, but rebuilt in 1620, and was burned again in 1665.

The present castle was built in 1931 and now is one of the most important tourist attractions in Osaka. Osaka castle is surrounded with a park of 600 cherry trees. During cherry blossom season, the view is unbelievable.

castles in Japan

The legendary Osaka castle. Source here

  1. Himeji castle

The most famous and spectacular castle in Japan because of its majestic size and elegant beauty. Also, it is the most well-preserved castle. Built in 1361 at the bottom of Himeji mountain and was expanded during the rule of Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

Unlike many castles, Himeji castle hasn’t suffered from any damage of war or earthquake. And the most recent renovation had lasted for several years and re-opened in March, 2015.

Cherry blossom season brings about stunning scenery.

castles in Japan

Himeji Castle during Cherry Blossom season. Source here

castles in Japan

Himeji castle. Source here

  1. Okayama castle

It is called the Crow Castle or also well-known as the Golden Crow Castle by Japanese due to the gilded roof tiles. The original structure was built in 1597 and destroyed by air-bombing in World War II. In 1966, it was reconstructed.

Located on the Asahi river, the castle still keeps its feudal looks outside in spite of the reconstruction, but inside is totally modern. The interior exhibition totally convinces you about the castle’s and Japan rich history, particularly history of Okayama prefecture.

Castles in Japan

Okayama Castle. Source here

Okayama Castle during Autumn. Source here

Okayama Castle during Autumn. Source here

Three Most Beautiful Castles of Japan

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