À Ố Show – A Beauty Of Viet Soul

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A contemporary folk art performance which combines circus and play, À Ố show has become a well-known brand of locals and tourists who come to Ho Chi Minh city. Show performs periodically at Saigon Opera House and is considered a must thing of any Saigon discovery.
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Including 60 minutes of performance, À Ố show absorbs audiences to each moments with many surprise, like the most perfect yet the simplest to bring audiences the clearest feeling about “Viet soul” in the modern life.
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Considering it as “Viet soul” because it comprises of all genius of Vietnamese traditional arts. Bamboo is typical material used to construct a stage, À Ố show creates a simple world but perfectly beautiful with Vietnamese conical hats, bamboo panniers, “khỉ” bridges, stacks, packs of rice…All of them are familiar images of Vietnamese. Furthermore, traditional instruments like đàn bầu, đàn kìm, đàn tranh… and movement sounds will aggrandize a mysterious artistic space. They will be taken to a tour around Vietnamese countryside with daily life stories, rich history blended with high speed of industrialization and technology development. And the performance can’t be told due to its one of the kind, some moment in this show won’t be performed at the show after.

So travel your mind to the peaceful and beautiful struggling of Viet farmers in this crash of different life styles to understand more the new Vietnam after 1975.

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