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4 Must Buy Malaysian Goods

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While travelling to somewhere else, other than sightseeing and trying out local food; buying gifts to your loved ones is another must do while going on a trip. It’s a way to show appreciation, care and love to your friends and families, but ever wondered what to buy that’s unique enough in Malaysia? Here’s our guide to top 4 must buy Malaysian goods that you gotta bring back home. 

  1. Coffee and tea: 

Coffee and tea are the two fundamental things to bring back home as a wake up call gift to everybody. Especially with the Malaysian tea, since it’s grown in Cameron Highlands, therefore the spices are up to goodness and uniqueness. Malaysian coffee is somewhat famous, not quite popular than tea, but it’s said that you can be able to brew a fantastic cup out of it. One type of coffee to try is liberica, it’ll satisfy any coffer lover out there.

Malaysian coffee with thick texture – Source: Flickr

Teh Tarik (Malaysian milk tea) – Source: Blogspot

2. Electronics: 

Surprisingly, according to some European tourists, electronic goods in Malaysia are much cheaper than in their country. Because most of the products are manufactured in Malaysia, therefore you can get the best deals in terms of prices. Look for Nikon, Canon, Sony and many more as they can offer you affordable prices.

Source: Ambwallpapers

3. Batik fabric: 

Batik is a signature in Malaysia that you have to look out for, it’s a traditional type of fabric that its patters are extremely floral and the colors are more intricate. You can make several designs out of a piece of batik fabric such as : quilts, tops and even loose pants. The options are endless.

Source: Philly Connected

Source: Olivia Zuardy

4. Pewter: 

Pewter is another trademark in Malaysia, it’s one of the the ongoing industries that still own popularity within the region. The pewter industry started in the 1800s, and it hasn’t lost yet, but growing stronger than ever. Look for salt and peppers containers, dishes, glasses and jewelry boxes. Your loved ones will thank you later!

Source: Danaca Design

**Info narrated from: Examiner and One Giant Step** 


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