4 Reasons Why Instagram Travelers Love Triip

Hey, you there! Yeah, you scrolling through Instagram getting an idea for your next vacation getaway.

Triip can help you get there.

For five years, Triip has been the app of choice for the world’s travelers who want to get paid to travel.

As travelers go about their globetrotting adventures, see the sights, have great experiences, they share them with us—as photos, as receipts or other life updates—and we reward them with  a lot of benefits that no one else can. Wanna become a member of a community with nearly 150,000 travellers around the world?

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Ready to hear more about Triip? Here are the four reasons Instagram Travelers Belong on Triip.

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#1: The Only Place to Earn to Travel

You love travel. You love to pose many awesome pictures at beautiful destinations. But you’re also budget conscious, right? Triip understands your innermost concerns and has created a travel app that can help you earn to travel.

Triip is the only app that pays you to travel.

Go ahead and read that again just to make sure we’re on the same page.

Download Triip now and start earning our cryptocurrency TIIM for doing what you are already doing as a traveler, like searching and shopping for travel.

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#2: Unique, Local experiences with 5 years in Travel Industry

Close your eyes. Imagine you’ve just got a trip to New York.

Without some serious research, likely the only things that come to mind about New York are the same things that everyone knows about New York. Do they really need another grainy photo of the Statue of Liberty that you saw in a hurry through a packaged tour?

Let’s run that back: you’re going to New York. You want to make it special, so you log in to Triip and see what we have to offer.

How about a tour of New York’s best sights led by a professional photographer? Triip guide Alex Trang is a New York City resident who knows both the lay of the land and how to frame everything so you get some hot pics for Instagram.

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Photo by Colton Duke on Unsplash

#3: Useful, Relevant Information You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

Traveler, do you know our friend Andre Breuer, our man in Bangkok?

Mr. Breuer is a Triip tour host and friend of travelers who offers an experience called Colors of Bangkok bicycle tour.

“Bangkok by bicycle??” you might rightly respond with amusement and a hint of hesitation.

Hear Andre out on this. Yes, the city offers a skytrain or tuk-tuk one might take going around the city, but seeing things at a slower speed might be well worth it.

Sounds good, huh?

Andre isn’t offering his tour anywhere else but on Triip. If Triip isn’t the best place to start, it’s certainly a must-visit when you’re planning your adventure so you can find Andre or any of our other local guides curating a special experience for the world’s travelers.

Taking a Triip tour to Bangkok or anywhere else on our platform is like getting personal attention from a professional travel guide.

Travelers on our platform use our unique Create a Travel Plan feature to draft an itinerary. Then, we recommend hotels and tours that match their destination and chosen dates. As Triip learns about the tastes of its travelers, it can recommend appropriate next journeys for them making their next trip is easier to find, book and embark upon.

#4: Better Travel is Better for the Environment

Overtourism to popular travel destinations is one of the leading causes of pollution to the world’s treasures. 

It’s worth picking a great, original and unique tour out of sensitivity to the Earth. The world’s great destinations have had to bear quite a lot from visitors. When you travel with Triip, you travel responsibility making sure that the only impacts from your travels are the impressions you come home with. We offer 1% of our revenue to sustainability initiatives like reforestation. With your booking on the Triip platform, you can help plant some trees and stop climate change.

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Triip planted tree for Triip member as a gift of Lunar New year

Triip Helps You Go Further

Travelers on the Triip platform don’t just get to see the world, they get to experience something special as part of their travel journey. 

Alex in New York, Andre in Bangkok, and all the rest of us Triip can’t wait to see what you do through our platform.

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