5 Don’ts in Vietnam

don'ts in vietnam

We all have that one moment that’s called “culture shock” or even embarrassing stories to tell when we’re travelling to another country. In Vietnam, it’s not an exception to that. So, if you’re thinking of travelling to Vietnam, make sure to have a check-list of these 5 following things that you should not do while in Vietnam. You’ll thank me later!

  • Public kissing:

Let’s get this straight, some of us aren’t shy to show our love to one another by giving kisses and hugs in public. Well, that’s alright when you’re in another country. But here in Vietnam, it would be considered as “awkward” and you would even get some weird stares. So, try to avoid the smooching in public. Instead, save some time and a room for that later, shall we?

don'ts in vietnam

  • Wearing expensive jewelries:

That temptation when seeing a perfect set of jewelries that you’re wearing, and the thieves just can’t take it any longer and they have to rob them away from you! Remember, wearing expensive jewelries in Vietnam is not something that we would recommend you to do; because it’s EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. You’re granting an opportunity for the thieves/robbers out there to take away your belongings on the street. Better yet, keep them somewhere safe at home and just walk out on the street to show that you’re cool. Been there, done that…so trust me on this!

don'ts in vietnam

  • Asking to use restroom in fast food restaurants/grocery store:

This is from my personal experience, because back then while I was travelling to some parts of Europe or even in the US, when I kindly asked to use a restroom that I couldn’t seem to find a grocery store nearby, they would let me use it with a smile on their faces. But back here in Vietnam is another story! When you walk in a convenient store or a fast food resto, I think it would be better to buy something from their places first then taking that advantage to use their bathrooms. Vietnamese would consider us as rude people when trying to use bathrooms so randomly. Better yet, buy something from their stores and use their restrooms later. Easy breezy!

Been there, done thatSource: Under Consideration

  • Never wear your bag in the back!

Sounds weird enough, huh? But again, robbery could be anywhere in the corner, especially in Vietnam. Thieves can use their knives to rip off your bags from behind and oops, what a bummer! To save you from this, always keep your bag in front of you and zip it properly (have your bag locked if you want to be even more cautious). From that, you’re good to go! For your belongings in your bag, especially with the money, try not to bring too much money with you but just enough for you to pay during the day.

dont's in vietnam

  • Dress code is an issue:

In Vietnam, it’s also considered to be rude as well as offensive when you’re showing off too much skin with your crop tops and a shortest pair of shorts you can find. And you don’t want to have such looks from people while seeing you wear those, do you? Dress for the comfort and dress to impress, guys. A pair of jeans with a graphic tee while exploring around the city would do best or for the girls, light material dresses would work well as well. I almost forgot! When you’re going to a temple, make sure to dress properly, don’t show off your bare skin too much, alrighty? It is, again, considered as disrespectful. So watch out for the dress codes and where you’re heading to, guys!


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