5 Exciting Light Activities

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5 Exciting Light Activities

Not everyone is an adrenaline junkie. Some just prefer to keep their feet mud-free and firmly on the ground, watching others leap off cliffs. If you are looking for exhilarating yet light activities, then these triips from around the world are for you.

Here are 5 experiences if want to switch it up and try something new for once!

1. Sculling

Imagine rowing yourself down one of the world’s five largest deltas, with river turtles swimming by, kingfishers flitting past, and if you’re lucky, even a capybara (the largest rodent in the world). Is this possible? With Triip and Tigre Rowing, it is a resounding “Yes!”


The act of propelling a boat forward with two small oars by a single person is technically-termed ‘sculling’ but most would be more familiar with ‘rowing’. In sculling, the seat moves back and forth, so your legs have to do some work in order to move the boat forward. From competitive to leisurely weekend rows, this activity is perfect for all fitness levels.

Sculling uses as much as 80% of your upper and lower body muscles. Did you also know that sculling tones your abdominal region and is a good activity for those who suffer from lower back pain?

Exciting enough, yet a light activity!

Sculling along the Tigre Delta

Photo Credit: Miguel Vieira

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Duration: 3 hours

Price per pax: USD60 (includes: boat, local guide, water, snacks and photos)

>>Book now to Scull in Argentina!

2. Stand-up Paddleboarding

This popular sport made a comeback during the mid-2000s and was more popular than windsurfing among first-time participants in the United States in 2013. It is not difficult to see why – it looks doable for people of all ages and fitness levels and comes with a long list of health benefits!

Triip Paddleboat Day

With Triip and BNC Shop, you will learn the art of balancing yourself on a board, gently riding the waves with the Barcelona skyline right in front of you. While you do that, your endurance improves, you get a cardio workout and of course, receive Vitamin D from our glorious sun.

Triip Paddleboat Evening

Paddle against the beautiful Barcelona skyline

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Duration: 1 hour

Price per pax: USD17 (includes: life jacket, medical insurance, 3rd-party insurance, use of lockers, changing rooms, explanation of paddle surfing by qualified instructor)

>>Book now to Paddle-Surf in Barcelona!

3. Deep Cove Quarry Rock Adventure

Located in North Vancouver, this short 3.8 km trail would make for easy hiking. Popular as a light activity for beginner hikers, it is a leisurely trail that would give you one of the best views of the Indian Arm – steep glacial fjords formed during the last Ice Age.

Beautiful view from Quarry Rock in Vancouver

Photo Credit: Guilhem Vellut

Join Triip creator D. Kevin who will hike with you through densely-wooded areas, small creeks and let you inhale the smell of fresh air. He will also take you to explore a small town called Gallant Avenue and the best part of it all? Try Honey’s famous doughnuts there! Perfect after the hike for sure.

Honey's Famous Doughnuts

Photo Credit: Honey’s Doughnuts (honey

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Duration: 5 hours

Price per pax: USD45 (includes transportation, water, local guide)

>>Book now to hike Quarry Rock! 


4. Flamenco Dancing

If you prefer indoor activities, you can take a 1-hour flamenco dance lesson with Triip and Insider Madrid. Where better than to learn the popular dance from its native country?

Flamenco consists of 3 parts – guitar-playing, song and the dance. It is a very emotional type of dance where the emotions of dancers are expressed through the movement of their bodies and facial expressions.

Flamenco Dancing Triip in Madrid 2

Through booking this experience, you will not only get a cardiovascular workout and burn about 290 calories in the hour but also learn to appreciate the beauty of this 146-year-old art. For those who are looking for a light activity, this dance will allow you to find your unique connection point with the music rhythm.

Flamenco Dancing Triip in Madrid

Sway to the rhythm!

Location: Madrid, Spain

Duration: 1 hour

Price per pax: USD37 – 69 depending on the no. of participants in the booking (includes lesson and studio hire; excludes 21% VAT per person based on a min. of 2 people taking part)

>>Book now and flamenco dance in Madrid!


5. Footgolf

Imagine kicking a football around on a golf course, trying to get it to land in a course of 18 holes. Sounds incredible? Welcome to Footgolf – a legitimate sport founded relatively recently in 2006.

Triip Footgolf Hole

Played the same way as golf, this is the perfect sport for people of all fitness levels. All you have to do is kick the ball into the hole (or ghole, as they call it) with as little strokes as possible. With Triip and Dam Tours, you will get to experience this fun light activity with family and friends!

Triip Footgolf Amsterdam 2

With a combination of skill and luck, you may just win the game. Even if you don’t, everyone’s a winner with an approximate 1,500 calories burnt in every round; and Vitamin D, of course.

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Duration: 2 hours

Price per pax: USD24 (includes facility rental)

>>Book now and play Footgolf in Amsterdam!


Tried any of the above moderately-active activities before? Share with us your experiences!

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