5 Things To Do in Huế

things to do in Hue

From Đà Nẵng, you can hire a vehicle for a 2 hour trip to Huế. Huế is another story of both history and mystery since there are so many things out there for you to keep in mind and explore. Here are the top 5 things to do in Huế that we’d love to suggest you to have on your list. 

Me at Khải Định Tomb

Me at Khải Định Tomb

  1. Tombs of the Emperors: 

Huế is famous for the toms of the emperors back in the Nguyễn Dynasty, these key tombs that we’d suggest you to visit are: Khải Định, Minh Mạng  and Tự Đức. In Huế, there are 7 tombs in total and another 9 monuments of 13 rulers of Nguyen Dynasty. But those three tombs are the most visited in Huế, as the history as well as the stories behind it will surely give you a better understanding to look back in the days and of course, chills when you are told by the tour guides about the details.

things to do in Hue

Inside Khai Dinh tomb. Source here

things to do in Hue

Minh Mang Tomb. Source here

2. Thiên Mụ Pagoda: 

Located on the north shore of Perfume River about 3km away from the Citadel. You can get there on a dragon boar or if you’re daring and energetic enough, just feel free to take a bicycle trip on your own with your folks to explore around Huế while getting to the pagoda. This is also known as the unofficial symbol of the former imperial capital.

Thiên Mụ Pagoda from the frontSource: Pho Rao Ban

Source: Zing

3. Đông Ba Market: 

Known as the largest marketplace in the central of Vietnam. Đông Ba market is the home of pure and authenthic Huế goodies that you can shop and bring it back to your friends and families. Local ingredients and souvenirs can be found here such as: Huế sesame sweetmeat, poetic hats, shrimp paste and so many more. If you want to find something original from Huế, you’ve come to the right place!

Source: Zing

Source: Du Lich Tam Long

4. Huế Traditional Music shows: 

Huế is also known for royal traditional music (nhạc cung đình) that was played for the royalties back in the days. You can still get a glimpse and even get on the boats where the musicians will have a variety of musical shows for you. For show times, check with the locals for precise time slots.

The ensembleSource: Du Lich Vien Dong

Source: VNC Garden

5. Huế’s traditional food: 

We can’t neglect the food here as Huế is known for so many types of original dishes that are made with love, precision and care. You cannot miss a bowl of Huế beef noodles (Bún bò Huế), bánh bèo, bánh nậm or even bánh lọc. If you’re still not sure where to eat, the hotel receptionist can show you where and even better, ask the locals for their ultimate and original choices.

Beef noodles aka bún bò HuếSource: Kham Pha Hue

Bánh bèoSource: Ngoi Sao

Bánh bột lọcSource: Phu Nu Tre

With that being said, have fun and Huế! Or if you have been to Huế, comment down below your highlights of the trip. I’d love to hear from all of you!


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