7 DON’Ts women should NEVER do when travelling alone

We are active women who love to “Explore. Dream. Discover” the world. But we don’t want to put ourselves into a difficult circumstances. In order to be well-prepared and have an enjoyable trip, make sure that we have this “Never do” checklist before packing.


  • Wear sexy clothes

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It’s true that you don’t want to cover yourself in a blanket, but don’t reveal your body too much when you are alone in a new place. It helps to protect you from unwanted attention of strangers. Besides, do some researches about the place you visit to make sure that your outfit fits to the local culture.


  • Wear sparkling jewelry

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Women loves to be beautiful to attract attention. However, if you don’t want to “attract” a thief or being a victim of robbery, don’t wear sparkling or expensive jewelry.


  • Sleep on buses/trains/airplanes

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Stay awake, unless it’s a 12-hour flight. It’s to make sure that you will fully aware any issues or incidents happen, and will not miss any important information on the way. Besides, it will be a total disaster if you open your eyes and your luggage has disappeared, or you end up coming to an unknown place. It is better not to take a late trip. Late flights or late buses may have lower price, but it puts you into an unsafe situation if you arrive at midnight or early morning when the whole city still hasn’t woken up.


  • Leave your luggage out of your sight

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Always keep your luggage by your side. It may be the last time you see your luggage if you leave it alone. It even may be your last time seeing the sun in freedom if you leave your luggage to some strangers, who end up “giving” you more by putting inside some illegal drugs, which makes your become an unwitting drugs smuggler.


  • Get food and drink from strangers
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Making friends on the trip, with locals or travelers, is good as you will get more information and know more people. But don’t trust anyone, from men to women. Eating food that someone gives you or drinking too much beers or alcohol could lead to serious issues such as robbery, trafficking, murder, or being raped if you are doped by some bad guys.


  • Let people know that you are alone, and where you are
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Make some phone calls when you are on the taxi to make the drivers think that someone is waiting for you. Find a taxi brand which is well-known and well-used by local people to increase your safety. Wear married ring on your finger even when you are single. Don’t easily open the door if you are not sure who is knocking. Never let strangers know that you are a single woman alone on your trip, or you will end up being a victim of many serious crimes.


  • Go with No back-up plan
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Be well-prepared for all worst scenarios will help you to stay calm if unexpected things happen. Buy a travel insurance. Separate your money: some in pocket, some in the luggage, and some in the banking card. Scan your personal documents and save them in your clouds or email. Have some emergency phone number of the embassy, hotel, or police, in your phone and in paper (in case you lose your phone). Don’t forget to keep in hand some safety mechanism such as a whistle, mace, knife (you can put into your checked bag if you have to go by plane).


In fact, a woman who travel alone will have more things to worry about than a man. But don’t let those worries bring you down. “Travel” means “Enjoy”, so aware, prepare, and have fun!



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