6 Unique Small Alleys in Ho Chi Minh City Only Locals Know

Saigon is not only famous because of crowded motorbikes, rich diversity and culture, also because of its unique alleys appear in every corner of every district in Saigon. Let’s discover 7 special alleys in Saigon just only local know.

  1. Zen alley: Located in Le Quang Dinh Street, Binh Thach District- where you find peace, relaxation in mind and hearts- 5 pagodas next together in a small alley and where we call ” Zen” in Saigon.

Zen alley 2 Zen Alley 3 Zen Alley

2.  Everything alley: Located in 158 Pasteur and 71-73 Mac Thi Buoi- both in D.1. You can find a nice cozy restaurant to eat or spend time to shop for local design for clothing, and even some truly Vietnamese coffee.

Everythingalley 2 Everything alley Lazyalley

3. Celebrity alley: located in 59 Nguyen Du Street, district 1, near Saigon Post Office, unique because of its dark blue wall, and surrounding by Arab bars, Coffee and some Vietnamese restaurants. Many Vietnamese Celeb come here for their photoshoots.

Celerity alley Celebrity Alley

4. Art alley: 3A, Ton Duc Thang, District 1- a nice place for you to work and find your inspiration by walking around, window shopping for some Vietnamese handicraft, fashion clothes and spend 2-3 hours sitting at the coffee shop and enjoy the “Art” via the eyes of local artists.

Art alley


5. Over night alley: Day or night- it does not matter when you visit this alley located in Bui Vien- Pham Ngu Lao Area- where you can have a beer with local people, sharing many stories about life, career- and because of its energy, the music of surrounding bars- we call it over night alley

Overnight alley in Saigon

Overnight alley in Saigon

6. Free alley:  What’s  this alley, is it Free. The alley with generous hearts of local people where you can drink “Ice tea” on this alley without paying any things, or “Free medicine” at the medicine box or ” Xe om” ( Motorbike service), even funeral services- also free. This alley located in 96, Phan Dinh Phung, Phu Nhuan- where love, sharing, and happiness of ordinary local people are in every corner of this “Free alley”

Free medicine box

Free medicine box

A Man helps a lady for Free Motorbike service.

A Man helps a lady for Free Motorbike service.

A Lady is happy with her " Free Ice tea"

A Lady is happy with her ” Ice tea”

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