Tsukiji Fish Market

9 Things To Do In Tokyo

Tokyo, one of the largest cities in Asia where modernity embraces precious cultural values. It is not rare to see an Japanese woman in traditional kimono standing next to a young girl in Naruto cosplay costumes. There are many traditional shrines, temples among those magnificent skyscrapers, giant shopping malls… It’s also over-crowded due to density of pedestrians and covered with neon nightscape. Here are 9 things to do in Tokyo: 

  1. Tsukiji Fish Market

The world’s largest and busiest fish market which attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is a typical Asian market: wet, super wet, wet, crowded, loaded with any spice you ever need. However, there is a limit of 120 visitors with only 2 groups per day. Tourists have to register for a visit on the 1st floor at the Information Counter.

You haven’t actually been Tsukiji if you haven’t tried the unbelievably fresh sushi here. There are many sushi counters but the best is definitely the restaurant near wholesale fruit and vegetable market, just inside the main gate off Shin-ohashi Street.

Tsukiji Fish Market, things to do in Tokyo

Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market, things to do in Tokyo

At the Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market, things to do in Tokyo

SUSHI!!! Hooray!


  1. Sumo

Watching traditional Japanese wrestling  is one of the greatest experience here. The most interesting is the 15-day tournament place annually in January, May and September in Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo’s National Sumo Hall.

Japan Sumo arts, things to do in Tokyo

  1. Tokyo Tower

The symbol of Tokyo, its architecture is influenced by the Eiffel Tower but can be easily recognized by its signature red color.

Tokyo Tower, things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo Tower. Source: here


  1. Meiji Shrine

The most famous shinto shrine in Tokyo. It was built in the 19th  century to dedicate to the Emperor Meiji and the Empress Shoken. The shrine is surrounded by a forest. Meiji shrine is definitely a little peaceful haven in the heart of the mega hustle Tokyo.

things to do in Tokyo, Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine. Source here

  1. Shibuya Crossing

There are 2 things about Shibuya: it never sleeps and it is always crowded. It is the most famous district in Tokyo and also the busiest crossing on Earth where traffic lights never stop working. Shibuya junctions are always full of people crossing streets.

things to do in Tokyo

Shibuya crossing at night. Source here


  1. Yoyogi Park

Absolutely the most excited place for any manga fan. This place is where all latest trends and styles are exhibited. You can rent a bike to take a tour on your own.

things to do in Tokyo

  1. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

This brings the people to come back to the nature in the middle of the busy city. There are many theme gardens here like French, English and traditional Japanese. It is more fabulous in cherry blossom season.

things to do in Tokyo


  1. Karaoke at Smash Hits

Usually, japan hold their karaoke party in private places with friends but at Smash Hits, they do it in front of many strange audiences. Don’t be shy and show your talent!

things to do in Tokyo

 things to do in Tokyo

  1. Sushi

The best sushi in the world absolutely in Tokyo, there are thousands of sushi restaurants run by masters of sushi with the amazing freshness and sweetness.

 photo Sushi-at-Tokyo-Kitchen-Sakae-in-Brighton.jpg, things in to in Tokyo

9 Things To Do In Tokyo

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