9 Unusual Attractions in Hanoi That The Locals Recommend You To Go

Cafe Giang, Hanoi

1. Old Town, Hanoi
For those who visit Hanoi with a genuine desire to have a grasp of the city’s culture or a curiosity to travel back in time, Ha Noi Old Quarter is a must-go place that they definitely should not be missed by any means.

Old Quarter Hanoi

2. Cafe Giang, 39 Nguyen Huu Huan street.
With bland chains taking over Hanoi’s café scene, ancient holes such as this one have become revered treasures. To be sure, Cafe Giang’s timeworn patina is almost a bleak exaggeration of communist-era non-chic.

Cafe Giang, Hanoi

3. Highway 4 Restaurant
Highway 4 is a restaurant everyone in Hanoi should visit at least once – despite the terrible name. This stylish venue has classic Vietnamese furnishings, English speaking staff and a large menu running through Vietnam’s entire culinary heritage. The specials are highly recommended, particularly the cat fish spring rolls.

Highway 4 Restaurant Hanoi

4. Bit Tet Hai Ty
Wonderful Bit Tet place, one of the few places that is enjoyed by Vietnamese and Foreigners alike.
The Bit Tet comes with fries and a piece of bread. It is covered in delicious gravy that you can sop up with the bread and fries. It is very delicious.

Bit Tet Hai Ty

5. Blacksmith Street
The tools of the last blacksmith in Hanoi. One of the smallest shops I have ever seen in Hanoi, this is the last location of a trade that was once an entire city block.

Blacksmith Hanoi

6. Thang Long Water Puppets shows
Don’t leave Hanoi without seeing a Thang Long Water Puppet Theater show. These musical stories portrayed are of historical legends and folk tales.

Water Puppets show

7. Old Railway
This is the main line railway that passes through the residential old quarter and commercial neighbourhoods of Hanoi, Vietnam. The trains pass through the heart of the city twice a day, just inches away from the doorsteps of residential buildings.

The Reunification Express

8. Motorbike Market
You can go to the used motorbike market on Chua Ha which is a side street off Cau Giay. You’ll be surprised at the number and variety of bikes for sale there. There are literally thousands of bikes, every make and model. If you’re looking for a used bike this street is a must visit.

Hanoi, guarded motorcycle parking

9. Hoa Lo Prison
Hoa Lo Prison, or “Hanoi Hilton,” was built a French colonial jail for political prisoners and later used for American pilot POWs during the Vietnam War.

Hoa Lo Prison

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