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Anastasia – A Musical Animated Feature with a Twist of History

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Though the film was released back in 1996, but still, Anastasia- an animated film by 20th Century Fox became my all time favorite when I was 7. Back then, I only looked at the extravaganza of the film; including the costumes, the designs and the music. But the more I grow, the more I realize that this animated movie is not made for kids. Want to know why? 

The story is inspired by true events, Grand Duchess Anastasia of the Romanovs is the only survivor after a family disaster that kills off all of her family members. She ends up being an orphan, changes her name to Anya in order not to raise a whirlwind to the public. But then, there’s a rumor in Saint Petersburgh, that princess Anastasia is still alive. The journey to find herself and reclaim her place in the royalty has begun.

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Source: Sky

Grand Duchess Anastasia was a real life character that was the main inspiration for this movie, she died young at the age of 17 due to a serious captivity during World War I. For this remake, the filmmakers have turned into a musical number in order to highlight the Russian culture, especially with music and costumes. But the story plot still remains true and tight, each of the sequence turns into another quite smoothly as Anastasia is on her quest to retrieve her true identity. And with a musical movie like this, the music is one of the main fundamentals. The theme song “Journey to the Past” brought me to tears when I was young, and it move me even harder for the positive message it carries. Wherever you go or who you are, when you’re lost, home is where the heart is.

Anastasia is going to have a musical adaptation on Broadway later on this year of 2016. Living Local will keep you updated!

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Journey to the Past:


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