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Anime Japan 2016 for Anime Lovers

If you’re a huge fan of Japanese anime and all that jazz, YOU CANNOT MISS THIS OUT! And If you happen to be in Japan at around the end of March, even better!

Source: Anime Japan

This is like Comic Con in the US but with a Japanese twist, with the anime feel being filled around the space. Anime Japan (also known as Tokyo International Anime Fair), is an annual event where anime lovers come together as one to celebrate the history as well as the innovation of anime over the years. This is the home for TV producers, programmers, software developers and of course, anime fanatics to get immersed in.

Cosplayers all dressed up for their parts

Interactive shows with the Anime characters

Exhibition space

The floor space will be dedicated to all exhibition spaces for Japanese production companies like Toei Animation, Bandai Namco and Tezuka Productions, foreign productions can make their appearances as well. There will be theaters with both large and small stages to host live shows, interviews and special appearances of mange creators, voice actors who lend their voices for their parts.

There will be 3 main stages for live shows, cosplay shows, concerts and many more.  For cosplayers, there will be a cosplay zone designed for them with changing rooms, photobooth and cloakroom. Costumes can be rent during the event for those who do not want to bring their costumes from the first.

Date: Marth 26th – March 27th, 2016.

Venue: Obaida’s Big Sight Convention Center

Get your tickets at: Anime Japan 2016 

Cosplay Showcase Video  (Anime Japan 2015) 

**Information source: Japan Guide**

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