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Authentic Vietnamese Meal with Cục Gạch Restaurant

Looking for authentic Vietnamese dishes? Well I got you covered, let me take you on a culinary adventure to Cục Gạch Quán (The Brick Restaurant) 

Located on a small alley in Đặng Tất, Cục Gạch Quán can be easily noticed by a warm-toned gate that leads you to the main entrance. The smell of the bricks and woods as well as the friendly atmosphere that all the staffs give you will make you feel like home instantly. I usually go visit Cục Gạch for lunch and dinner with mom whenever we don’t have time to cook and our love for Vietnamese food will never fade, especially with my mom because she’s such a great cook and she knows how to put off proper Vietnamese dishes. For this restaurant, we highly praise their quality and authenticity with their dishes as they keep everything as simple as possible. By this, I mean no fancy decorations on the dishes, but the strong flavors really pay off.

Cục Gạch Quán

The humble gate

cục gạch

The roof-top dining room

cục gạch

The “luxury” private room. This room is a perfect simulation of the master dining room of a wealthy household back to the old time before 1986. “Good” old days…

cục gạch

Grandma’s food storage corner

cute and nostalgic corner

Cute and nostalgic corner

When you first step into the restaurant, by the name Cục Gạch itself, the overall theme colors are brown and dark red; which gives visitors a warm welcome whenever they step in. Interestingly, the music selection is one of the things that I love best here; they usually play music that was back in the 60s and 70s which Vietnamese radio stations used to play a lot in those time periods. I know some of the songs, but for other ones I have to ask my mom all the time because she’s also a music expert.

cục gạch

A meal with typical dishes just like the meal Grandma used to cook for us all.

cục gạch

Pond-in-the-house. What can make kids happier than this?

I was told that some of the staff members there don’t have the ability to read due to their difficulty to pay tuition fees back when they were young and such, which is such a pity for some of them. All of them are dressed informally with flip flops, casual buttoned shirts and comfortable pants to make us feel closer to them even more, and of course they’re super supportive and friendly. I do feel like they’re my own relatives at times thanks to their exquisite friendliness.

cục gạch

Cannot ask for a cuter place to enjoy dinner, seriously!

I think I will have to stop here so that I don’t spoil you too much (specially with the newcomers). Believe me, come and experience Cục Gạch once, you will come back for the second time, then the third time and so forth. See it and eat it for yourselves and tell me what you think!

Some of my recommendations: 

  • Braised pork/fish in clay pot.
  • Deep fried fish cakes.
  • Deep fried banana (for dessert)

Address: Cục Gạch Quán – 10 Đặng Tất St, Dist 1. 

Photo credit: Cục Gạch Quán’s facebook page:

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