Backpacking Travel: What to Pack?


Ever wondered what to pack in your bags when you’re planning to do a backpacking travel experience? And you’re still worried that you’re not equipped enough to survive? Don’t worry, I got your back! 

  1. Hydration and nutrition:

Even though you think food and drinks are not that important, and you think you can survive for a few days without eating and drinking. Well, think again. Because hydration and nutrition are must haves when you’re backpacking! Bring lots of water just in case of dehydration and a good amount of food so you can snack along the way (protein bars would do best). Nevertheless, don’t neglect these two. Because they are the KEYS to SURVIVE!

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2. Dress for the weather:

When you’re about to travel somewhere, check the weather to see if it’s cold or humid. If it’s freezing cold, then winter clothes have to be packed in your bags. If it’s sunny and humid, make sure your clothes are in light material so that you don’t feel extremely hot during the day. Remember to also bring a pair of gloves and other clothing items to keep you warm during winter time; and sunblock, baseball cap and a pair of glasses to battle out the sunlight. Also, double prepare with rain coats, hiking boots and other clothing items that you find appropriate for the climate.

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3. Emergency kit: 

This is also one of the most vital must haves in your bag, just in case that you get an injury and you may not be able to find a clinic nearby. A little preparation goes a long way. Also, keep some pills in your emergency kit for having stomachache, headache and spray for insect bites.

Basic emergency kit

4. Navigation: 

If you’re a first timer, then a map/a compass is a great deal for you. These two things are considered as the most important components to accompany you because once you’re backpack travelling, neither the internet or GPS is going to be able to work at that time. So for now, if you still don’t know how to read a map or navigate a compass, here’s your chance to obtain something.

Bring a compass!

Map readingSource: Telegraph

5. Lighting: 

Headlamps/flash lights are required if you’re going to go for an adventurous backpacking journey. This will navigate your destination better, plus you know what you’re doing. Furthermore, it works a fortune that you and your folks don’t get lost to one another.

Headlamp for extra lightingSource: Popular Airsoft

Other things that you can carry: 

Have a checklist to see what you’re missing out. – Source: Boy Scout Troop


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