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Backstreet Boys Is Back for Touring Soon!

Great great news of the days! Be prepared to be stunned because, our good old Backstreet Boys is back for another amazing tour. The news has been confirm by Nick Carter, one of the BSB members. Backstreet’s back, alright! 

According to Nick, Backstreet Boys will be reuniting for a series of concerts on the Live Nation stage. There’s going to be a number of 9 concerts as it’s already been signed by all band members under a contract. Furthermore, Nick also added that if these 9 show were sold out, then the group would have a huge opportunity to sign another contract for long term shows.

Backstreet Boys

These 9 shows will be their pilot shows to forecast the reactions from the fans, the more it succeeds, the higher the chance for an official reunion of Backstreet Boys.

Backstreet Boys

Get ready for a bumpy ride, fans! BSB is Back!

Not just yet, another BSB lad that is Kevin has mentioned about the plan for a studio album that literally makes all the fans go wild. And, we all can highly expect for a collaboration between Backstreet Boys and the sweethearts from Spice Girls, as Kevin had revealed in an interview.

Excited much? Let’s relive our golden memories by this BSB hit.

**info narrated from: Dan Tri News** 

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