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The Basic Ice Cream Dictionary You Need To Know

Ice cream is an absolute favorite dessert and sweet treat during those hot and humid days, with yummy and exquisite flavors. As for now, ice cream has come with different types and textures, but very few of us can be able to differentiate each of them. This is our basic ice cream dictionary for you, see which one is your favorite. 

  1. Cone: 

This is the most common type of ice cream, it was invented back in 1904. This consists of an edible hole on top of the cone where we pour the ice cream on top. Very familiar and quick to grab a bite and to carry around town.

ice cream dictionary

2. Sticks (bars): 

This is the second common type and it’a also considered one of the go to ice cream types. The ice cream is frozen and stuck on a wooden stick, pretty convenient to stroll around the neighborhood.

ice cream dictionary

3. Buckets: 

Comes in various types of ice cream flavors, they are all packaged in a plastic bucket in different sizes for family uses.

ice cream dictionary

4. Floats: 

The ice cream goes on top of a type of liquid. For example, we can have coffee ice cream float or even Coke ice cream float. Depending on your favorite kind of drink, you can totally rock an ice cream float.

ice cream dictionary

5. Gelato: 

This is very famous in Italian, it’s also frozen and comes in various types of flavors.

ice cream dictionary

6. Sherbet: 

Ice cream that only uses 1-2% of milk fat and it’s usually very sweet. For the sweet teeth out there, this is for you. Baskin Robins specializes in Sherbet if you were wondering.

ice cream dictionary

7. Sundae: 

Last but not least is sundae, another popular kind of ice cream. This is what we usually see at many ice cream shops around the world, the scoops are served in a tall glass with additional syrups and toppings.

ice cream dictionary

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