Beautiful Mekong Delta in One Direction Song

An American singer/teacher- Kyo York- who is known for his alluring performances of Vietnamese songs, launched on Sunday a cover of a British-Irish pop boy band’s hit song against the background of the Mekong…

Kyo first arrived in Vietnam as an English teacher four years ago. After learning Vietnamese for three years, he began to perform as an amateur singer, in addition to teaching English.

“Currently, I am spending more time singing, but I won’t stop teaching, since through this work I can help Vietnamese youths and be relaxed outside the complicated showbiz world”, he said.

Asked about his disadvantages in Vietnam, Kyo said there are many. Asking for licenses from the authorities, for example, is something he has to do, and takes a lot of time. Fortunately, Kyo is always helped by his friendly colleagues and the local culture agency.

Kyo is a rare expat who speaks, sings, and lives like a Vietnamese. This Lunar New Year, he played the part of a Kitchen God, one of the Vietnamese domestic Gods that protects the hearth and family, in a special show celebrating New Year’s Eve. According to Kyo, this was a chance for him to understand more about Vietnamese culture.

Also this year, just like many Vietnamese, he visited Ba Chua Xu pagoda (the Lady of the Realm pagoda) in Vinh Te village at the foot of Sam Mountain, near the Cambodian border. “I was very happy that local people in this small village could recognize me because I know distinguishing Americans is a big problem with most Asians”, Kyo said.

“There’s nothing difficult, there’s only the fear of the lack of will. I love this sentence of your country. Everyone may know it, but only some may believe strongly in it. It is one of the reasons behind all of my success”, he added.

Kyo loves this country, but one problem is that he cannot sympathize with Vietnamese who litter.

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