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Best Places To Shop Til You Drop in Saigon

best places to shop in saigon

Saigon is all about shopping and it’s considered a must do while you’re here with us. As shopping malls are popping up dramatically and other local shops are on the go as well, the craft markets are still as crowded as ever. So that’s why we’re here today to provide you a list on best places to shop while you’re in Saigon. Whether you’re looking for craft goods, handmade or high end products, we got you covered! 

  1. Ben Thanh Market: 

Going Saigon is completely nothing without visiting Ben Thanh Market, one of the busiest spots in town. Here you can find all ranges of goodies from handmade goods to all kinds of Vietnamese food and drinks to bring back to your family and friends. For emergency cases, like you forgot a nail filer at home, they have it for you as well!

best places to shop in saigon

Ben Thanh Market

2. Binh Tay Market (Cholon Chinatown Market):

Located in district 5, aka little Chinatown in the heart of Saigon. This place has its highlights for its cultural aspects and interesting historical values, Binh Tay Market offers handicrafts, textiles and of course, a gigantic selection of food. Obviously, you cannot escape the hear here but it’s still worth a visit.

best places to shop in saigon

3. Vincom Center: 

The charming Vincom Center lies in the downtown area of Saigon, with a totality of 250 shops within the shopping malls. Shoppers can really go out with their shopping experiences if they want to look for high quality goods. Brand features include Mango, G2000, Make Up Forever, Clarks, French Connection, Accessorize, Marks & Spencers, FitFlop, Geox and so many more. Food court is also available if your stomach is calling out for some food.

best places to shop in saigon

4. Khaisilk: 

Khaisill is a boutique specializes in modern designs of Vietnamese silk fabrics. They started out with just one shop and now as the success goes on, they’re reaching out to international boundaries. Located in the shopping district on Dong Khoi Street, if you want to look for interesting handbags and dresses made with Vietnamese silk then this is not a place to miss out!

best places to shop in saigon

Various textures of silk

5. Saigon Square: 

If you’re looing for great bargains with a whole bunch of goods to bring back home, then Saigon Square is the ultimate choice for you. The space is filled with small stalls so it’s gonna cause a bit of trouble while trying to walk in between a sea of people. But you can find an abundance of t-shirts, shows, swimwear, jewelries and textiles there.

best places to shop in saigon


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