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Best Thai restaurant in Saigon

Tuk Tuk Thai

If you’re a fan of Thai culture, you’ll see the tuk tuk as the main vehicle to move around in Thailand. Here in Saigon, you can totally recall the memories you’ve spent in Thailand with an unforgettable dining experience called Tuk Tuk Bistro. Serving all the dishes made of love and care. 

Once you come in, you’ll be greeted by such friendliest staff members on earth. The overall tone of the restaurant is inspired by the street life in Thailand with such humble decorations, but they’re still able to stand out from the crowd. Tuk Tuk Bistro specializes in all kinds of Thai food, but what they really focus on are the authenticity and the humbleness from the dishes that make you feel like you’re having comfort food.

Tuk Tuk Ly Tu Trong – Source: The List

Tuk Tuk Le Thanh Ton (the 1st branch)

Tuk Tuk Bistro has already owned 2 spots here in Ho Chi Minh City, on Ly Tu Trong and Le Thanh Ton Streets. And before I go, I’d like to jot down some of my own recommendations for you all if you’re about to have a visit:

Tuk Tuk Thai

Source here

Tuk Tuk Thai

Source here

Tuk Tuk Thai

Deep-fried fish with caramelized sauce on papaya blanket. Source here

  • Pad Thai (must-have) 
  • Mango sticky rice
  • Deep fried chicken wings with lemongrass
  • Deep fried sun dried beef with sesame seed (must-have) 
  • Grilled honey pork with tamarind sauce (must-have) 
  • Chicken green curry with palm heart (must-have)
  • Green papaya with crunchy fluffy catfish & salted egg yolk (must-have) 
  • Pandan sticky rice dumpling filled with caramelized coconut (must-have)

Addresses :

Tuk Tuk 1: 17/11 Le Thanh Ton, Dist 1, HCMC

Tuk Tuk 2: 38 Ly Tun Trong, Dist 1, HCMC

Online table reservation here. (available for both restaurants) 

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