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Best Transportation Types for Easy Getaways in Saigon

best transportation types

If you’re a newcomer in Saigon, then welcome to the land of crazy transportation. We totally understand that the weather in Saigon is extremely humid with lots of walking involved. But if one day you’re tired of strolling and want to have other options like buses, cyclos or even taxis; here are our recommendations for best types of transportation that are affordable and quick. 

  1. Grab Taxi: 

Grab Taxi is available on both Play Store (for Android) and App Store (for IOS), it’s an app where you can order your taxis whenever you want to travel to a particular destination. Simply install your app, book a budget or premium taxi then you’re good to go. Payments are made by cash, credit cards and in mobile wallet very soon. For each of the booking, you will get to receive a discount code to enter with affordable price range. Receipts will be sent to you via your email after your ride so that you can double check right after.

best transportation types

2. Grab Bike: 

Similarly to Grab Taxi, but if you prefer to grab someone to ride you on a bike during rush hours, then Grab Bike is the ultimate choice for you. Book your own trip by choosing your desired destination, depending on your destination then there will be a price range for you, starting from 12,000 VND for the first 3 kilometers. No worries, Grab Bike will provide a driver for you in the quickest amount of time, once you’ve been informed the price range for your trip, you pay the exact mount and just enjoy the ride.

best transportation types

3. Buses:

Most buses in Saigon have their main terminals at Ben Thanh Station, Cho Lon Station and Mien Dong station. Nevertheless, Ben Thanh Station is the most common one. Each bus will have their own terminal number, #147 and #152 have their stops at Tan Son Nhat International Airport and they even have their stops at Ben Thanh Market, a little walk from Pham Ngu Lao backpacker area. Another thing to keep in mind, that Ho Chi Minh City buses are often named by both the beginning and end points, so check your bus numbers carefully before getting on them.

best transportation types

4. Uber: 

Everybody is pretty familiar with Uber. Well, we do have it in Vietnam as well. Just like the usual, locate your current spot and there will be tons of car options nearby your place. Your driver will contact you right away when he/she is on the way to pick you up, just one tap away and  a car arrives right at your door. You can pay with either credit card or cash, and no reservations needed.


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