Bhutanese suggests Bumthang as a must for your trip to Bhutan.


Bumthang – the most famous district in Bhutan might be the best choice if it is your first time to Bhutan. Bumthang, the name itself makes you want to die of curiosity. Its untouched nature, mystery culture, rich history, healthy cuisine and happy Bhutanese trigger any adventure-lover pack and go immediately. Here in Bumthang, sacred shrines, deeply influenced by Buddhist philosophy of life and its “happiness” philosophy will surely hit a raw nerve with your current realistic and hustle way of living. Bumthang also consists of 4 mountains: Ura, Chumey, Tang and Choekhor. The entire region is considered as Bumthang valley.

Here we have a list of interesting locations in Bumthang exclusively for you – daring explorers. The one and only trip to Bumthang is not simply a trip but a life-changing experience for those who look for opportunities to find yourself again, find the balance and inner peace of yours. You all deserve to breath in that absolutely-no-touch of industrial air here in Bumthang.


Speechless beauty of Bhutan: untouched nature in harmony with elegant and smart architecture. Source here

Kharchu Monastery

It’s a sacred monastery located near Chamkhar river. If you come by bike or car, there is a motorable road leading to Kharchu Monastery. It is impressive that the monastery is surrounded by number of terraces, trees and the mountain behind its back. This monastery itself is house to 500 monks, residences and teachers.

A beautiful man-made architecture embraced by woods. Source here. Bumthang

A beautiful man-made architecture embraced by woods. Source here

Mebar Tsho 

Local Bhutanese call this location “The Burning Lake”. Based on an ancient story from local residents, a man named Pema Lingpa, who was capable of identifying any hidden treasure, proclaiming to saw something under water, but unfortunately people of his time didn’t believe his words. To prove his proclamation, he jumped into a lake with a butter lamp. After diving under water, he showed up again with a chest, a scroll of paper with his lamp still burning. That fairy tale explains the name of Mebar Tso lake. Please stop by the check whether is there any burning lamp there, will you?


Lake of integrity and consistency. Source here

Jampa Lhakhang

This temple is one of 108 temples which were built by King Songtsen Gampo from around 7th century. Don’t miss the local festival at this temple from 15th to 19th day of the 9th month (according to Bhutanese calendar).


The humble Jampa Lhakhang. Source here


Unique traditional costume during festive season. Source here

Kuenzang Drak

It is certainly not a daily event that you get to visit a shrine by a cliff! Kuenzang Drak is filled with Holy water, which is believed to be created by Guru Rinpoche – founder of Tibetan Buddhism.


See that cliff? and what on top of it? Respect!. Source here


Impressive huh?! Source here

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