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Breakfast All Around The World

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, a wake up call and also a jump start for a new working day ahead. Ever wondered how the world eats for breakfast? Let us show you some, it’s gonna be mouth-watering. 

  1. United Kingdom: 

A typical British breakfast can’t go wrong with bacon, baked beans, scrambled eggs, roasted tomatoes and potatoes with some slightly burnt toasts. Sausages are optional, but this breakfast can surely rescue your tummy.

2. America: 

It’s slightly different that in Britain, with pancakes with sweet syrup on top, a  sunny sided up eggs and bacon if you want more color to your dish. Sometimes, a bowl of cereal will do when you’re running late.

3. China: 

They call it dimsum (Chinese breakfast), it’s usually like a feast with different kinds of dumplings, rice with other complimentary dishes like stir fried veggies, grilled chicken legs or tofu. It’s a huge breakfast to fill you up instantly.



4. Japan:

Served with white rice, a bowl of soup, one veggie dish and one complementary dish like deep fried fish, tofu or pork. Simple but delicious.

5. Vietnam: 

Vietnamese do take breakfast really seriously, dishes like pho,  rice cake or banh mi will never go out of style.

6. Korea: 

White rice and kimchi are the fundamentals, along with a bowl of soup and other dishes that will confuse you for quite a bit on what to eat first.

7. France: 

You can never go wrong with a croissant filled with unsalted butter, a cup of coffee of your choice(or juice if you’re a juice person). Sometimes, French people will rock scrambled eggs or crepes in their own way.



8. India: 

Curry will be their ultimate choice because we all know that India is famous for different types of curry, and you can never miss a piece of Indian bread with other sauces. You’re good to go!



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