Breathtaking Phú Yên in “I See Yellow Flowers on Green Grass”

Phú Yên

For those of you that have seen or read “I See Yellow Flowers on Green Grass” (Tôi thấy Hoa vàng trên Cỏ xanh), it took the whole Vietnam by storm for two reasons: first, it’s based on a novel by Nguyễn Nhật Ánh and second, Phú Yên is the main filming location which also draws a lot of attention to Vietnamese tourists to take a closer look at. 

I See Yellow Flowers on Green Grass’s Theme Song

The original story of the book/film took place in the 80s, therefore to find a location that described the scenery at its best was a challenge to the film makers, especially for director Victor Vũ. Luckily, Phú Yên was their ultimate choice to film the movie. But we’ve only seen just a dew spots that were shot in the movie, but still the audience could be able to capture the beauty of Phú Yên as a whole. Bringing a story from a book is not an easy task, but through the eyes of Victor Vũ; Phú Yên has become so extremely dreamy and nostalgic for those who have been through an adventurous childhood like the 3 kids in the movie. As the movie tagline says “Everyone has a childhood to go back”. The touching story along with the beautiful spots in Phú Yên, together it all became “I See Yellow Flowers on Green Grass”.

Here are some significant filming locations in Phú Yên for your consideration to have a visit.

Source: VN Express

Source: VN Express

Source: VN Express

A shot from the movieSource: Zing

Thuần anh Mận, the protagonists of the filmSource: Zing

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