Crossing the Street in Vietnam like a Pro

We feel that everyday, as a Vietnamese myself I still get sick of the constant traffic. But it also comes to the point when crossing the street is just too scary for some, but there will always be ways to get over the fear. Worry not, I’ll tell you how to cross the street in Vietnam like an expert. Remember, the vehicles in Vietnam, they flow around you and they don’t seem to go in order. 

  1. Walk carefully and evenly: 

By this, I mean you have to be extremely careful while looking out for upcoming cars, bikes of even buses. Keep your eyes out for the cars and buses, they’re huge and also dangerous, so keep your eyes open for those. Also, walk in an even pace while crossing the street, and do not stop walking. If you stop in the middle or hesitate, it could be extremely dangerous.

Source: Flickr

2. Give a sign: 

You can totally put one of your arms in the air, that way it’ll be more visible for to traffic and it will create a subtle caution that you’re about to cross the street.

Source: 123rf

3. Ask for help: 

There’s nothing wrong at all to ask a local to help you out if you’re crossing the street for the very first time and you don’t feel much daring to do it. A little help goes a long way, and it might give you a boost of confidence while crossing the street all by yourself.

Source: n2growth

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