Datanla: The Heart-Frightening Fountain


Every year, Datanla fountain is one of the most popular spots that attract tourists from everywhere in the world. However, due to the most recent incident that occurred to 3 British tourists, Datanla fountain is also recalled by another name “cliff of death” (vực tử thần).



Datanla fountain is 10 kilometers away from Dalat, even though it’s not as mighty as other fountains in Dalat but it’s known for its adventurous feel, especially for those hungers for an ultimate adventure. The name Datanla is depicted from these words “Đà-Tàn-Nha”, it’s a native Vietnamese language and it means “water under the leaves” (nước dưới lá). Datanla fountain has a very stable source of water and its flowing is not as loud as other fountains due to its flow through the rocks, hence the rocks prevent the flowing sound.

Source: mytour

If you go deep down the fountain, that’s where people call it “cliff of death”, as the sound of the fountain is louder and the water mist is everywhere, causing difficulty to look around clearly if you’re not careful enough. As for now, there have been a number of activities near this cliff of death for tourists who dare for an adventure of a lifetime. The tourism service here has provided cable cars, bridges as well as a self controlling roller coaster system that allows everyone to explore Datanla in a full scale; with this roller coaster, depending on how fast you like to go, you can control the coaster yourself that’s made for 2 persons. However, you must be equipped with high quality tools to ensure your safety while visiting this place, especially with cliff diving, kayaking and surfing.

One of the activities in DatanlaSource: mytour

Source: Bao Can Tho

Wooden roller coasterSource: Bao Can Tho

Next time if you’re planning to embark on a journey to Datanla fountain, be sure to have everything prepared, especially with your own safety, because no one wants to ruin a trip with an injury or an accident, right?


Datanla fountain:

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