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Egg Coffee: the best coffee in Hanoi

I gotta say, that being a Saigonese myself, I still have to praise the Hanoians real good for their invention on egg coffee that our Saigon people can never ever be able to pull off as exquisitely as they do. Sounds just like any other normal coffee, but once you taste it, I can promise you that it’ll linger on the tip of your tongue for as long as you can remember. 

Egg coffee (ca phe trung) is an ultimate drink invented by Sir Nguyen Van Giang, as he used to be the head chef at Sofitel Legend Metropole during the French domination in Vietnam. He was inspired by the original Cappuccino, and he decided to add in a rather friendly ingredient: eggs – in order to intensify the taste and make it Vietnamese friendly.

egg coffee

egg coffee

Egg coffee is not that complex to make, but not everywhere can be able to pull it off. It all lies on the ratios of the coffee and the egg yolk. Before pouring the egg element on top of the cup of coffee, the egg yolk is beaten hard until it gets fluffy and creamy, and it tastes almost like whipped cream. Add some cocoa powder as a finishing touch, there you have it. The coffee has to be well selected in order to enhance the flavor and the scent. There’s no secrets hidden here in terms of making a good cup of egg coffee, it all depends on the ratios and the fineness of the eggs and the coffee. Remember, the egg yolk has to be fresh and clean!

egg coffee

Egg coffee is often served as humble as this

If you’re travelling to Hanoi any time soon this year, make sure to stop by and have some egg coffee for your pleasure. Ask the locals as they know where the goodness is.

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