Five Authentic Saigon Markets

Saigon Market

Saigon is the old name of Ho Chi Minh city. This is one of the most must – see places you need to come once in your life. It has a lot of significant: street food, culture, historical place and wet market. Here is five authentic Saigon Markets you want to see.

  • Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh comes alive at night when the outdoor food stalls open and the surrounding streets are taken over by a more varied range of market stalls, but during the day there are far better options. Here’s my pick of the 5 best markets in the city…. This is the first Saigon Markets you need to visit.


Ben Thanh market

  • Binh Tay Market (Hau Giang st, D6)

Binh Tay, located in Saigon’s Cholon district, is the city’s biggest market, and whilst it attracts its fair share of tourists, most of the vendors here are wholesalers and thus have no interest in hassling you to buy a $2 t-shirt. You’ll generally be left in peace to stroll around the vast halls selling everything imaginable. Don’t miss the food market (on the right as you face the front entrance); there are also plenty of good cheap & cheerful Chinese eateries in the vicinity.


Vietnamese candy stall

  • Dan Sinh Market (Yersin st, D1)

A short walk from Ben Thanh (across the roundabout if you dare, and behind the bus station), Dan Sinh specialises in new & old hardware, including military surplus. Some of the “genuine” US Army relics are of dubious origin, but bargain well and you’ll get some great quirky gifts to take home.


Too asleep to wake up

  • An Dong Plaza (Tran Phu st, D5)

On the road out to Cholon, An Dong is a large, modern, multi-storey market specialising in clothing, footwear and fabrics. Prices here are lower than at Ben Thanh, the choice is much wider, and the vendors friendlier. A great place for buying jeans, shorts, t-shirts & sandals, and also for buying fabrics if you want to get a suit or dress made at one of Saigon’s numerous tailors.

  • Tan Dinh Market (Hai Ba Trung, D1)

Head up Hai Ba Trung just past the pink church, look to your right, and you’ll find Tan Dinh. You’re not really here to buy souvenirs or clothes, but to experience a genuine suburban Saigon wet market. This is where the local housewives come to do their daily shop and stop for a gossip with their neighbours, making it a really “Vietnamese” experience. Head out back & you’ll find some good food stalls too.

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