Food Lovers Should Never Miss these Festivals in Spain

food festivals

Spanish cuisine is famous for being varied, intriguing and above all, absolutely delicious. No matter which parts you choose to visit you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sample those delicacies, especially if your trip coincides with one of these fantastic food festivals.

  1. Fiesta de la Alcachofa, Benicarlo – Januaryfood festivals Spain’s artichoke festival takes place in Benicarlo, in the heart of Valencia every January, for a specific reason. The artichokes grown at this part of Spain have been given the one and only ‘Designation of Origin’ seal to mark their unique taste and quality.When you visit Benicarlo for its artichoke festival, you will be feasted with tons of different artichoke dishes including ‘la torra’ of which a large quantity of artichokes is roasted over a bed of hot coals.
  2. La Tomatina, Buñol – August
    food festivals
    Are you a fan of tomatoes? You will surely fall for the La Tomatina fesstival, which takes place in the normally peaceful town of Buñol on the fourth Wednesday of August every year. However, if you are expecting a dignified festival of tomato appreciation, think again – La Tomatina is also known as the world’s biggest food fight, as thousands of people congregate in the Buñol streets to throw ripe tomatoes at each other, all in the name of goodness, messy fun.
  3. Fiesta de la Butifarra, Majorca – Octoberfood festivalsOn the island of Majorca, you shall find many restaurants serving ‘butifarra’, a sausage made from pork and various kinds of spices. Residents of the town of Saint Joan are particularly big fans of butifarra, so much so that they hold an entire festival dedicated to the sausage on the third Saturday of October! At the Fiesta de la Butifarra there will be numerous stalls offering freshly cooked butifarra as well as many other types of sausage, as well as music, dancing and plenty of drink – don’t forget to arrive hungry.
  4. Olive Festival, Majorca – Novemberfood festivals The delicious small green and black fruits are celebrated in spectacular fashion on Majorca in November, as the small town of Caimari lines its streets with olive branches and hosts a fair where you can enjoy as many olives as you can handle! Caimari is situated at the foothills of the Serra de Trumantara mountain range, where olive-oil has predominantly been produced in Majorca since Roman times, so as well as sampling the freshest and best quality olive products you can also try almonds, figs and more, plus watch how olives are pressed in the traditional fashion – by a donkey pulling a stone mortar.

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