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Ho Chi Minh City Attractions: Hidden Museums

hidden museum - Ho chi minh city attractions

1/Among worth visiting Ho Chi Minh city attractions, this is the most interesting and historical museum of arts and culture in town. Located in a quiet and shady street right behind Ben Thanh market, this museum has witnessed breathtakingly changes of Saigon – Gia Dinh since 19th century. The building itself has an ultimately intriguing and mystic story.

hidden museum - Ho Chi Minh city attractions

97 Pho Duc Chinh, Nguyen Thai Binh ward, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


2/South East Armed Forces Museum probably an unknown museum to almost everyone. Even locals people don’t even know this is one of a Ho Chi Minh city attractions. Unlike the War Remnants Museum revealing a painful picture about American war in Vietnam, the South East Armed Forces museum gives you an insightful picture of both Vietnam war and Indochine war with more detailed and items revealing how East Southern soldiers survived and lived during war time.

Hidden museum, Ho Chi Minh city attractions

247 Hoang Van Thu, ward 1, Phu Nhuan district, HCMC


3/Geological Museum is considered a “niche” attraction among Ho Chi Minh City attractions. It is located in a quiet corner of outbound district 1 next to the city zoo. The museum is a great place for kids, students and any curious minds to know more about Vietnam nature.


4/Southern Women’s Museum is an outstanding Ho Chi Minh city attractions. Vietnamese women are well-known for being brave, determined, loyal, caring and beautiful. If you want to know how awesome they have been for thousands years, visit this place to adore women more.

hidden museum - Ho chi minh city attractions

202, Vo Thi Sau, ward 7, district 3, HCMC

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