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Hoi An Roastery: Hidden Gem in Ancient Town

hoi an roastery

Want a wakeup call in the early morning? Of course, coffee is one of the best ways to cure. But how about freshly brewed coffee directly from Hoi An Roastery aka one of the finest coffee shops in the heart of Hoi An Ancient Town? Trust me, you’ll be amazed once you take a visit!

I happened to discover Hoi An Roastery back in April last year during my trip to Hoi An and it was a humid night in the heart of the town. As my mom and I were eyeing for a place to drink and rest, we stumbled upon this tiny little shop that feels incredibly like home with soft yellow lights and of course, the great smell from the coffee beans and the brewing machine. We were curious enough to go in and have a try, not only their specialty is fresh brewed coffee from the machine; there are also some refreshing drinks such as sodas and juices to cool you down. Even more, signature dishes of Hoi An can be found in the menu: Cao Lau, White Rose Dumplings and Mi Quang.

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We took our seats and we ordered right away, I ordered my black coffee as usual to see how it’s differed from Saigon. I was expecting an exquisite kind of taste to my coffee since it’s directly brewed at the shop; and it did not disappoint me at all. Its richness and fineness instantly lift up your mood, and it almost holds back your feet to linger at the shop a little longer. We also had a quick talk with the manager of the shop and he quickly walked us through the procedure of creating a great cup of coffee. You know what they say; a coffee a day keeps the day awake! Hoi An Roastery serves nearly 200 different types of coffee, what a number!

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The main theme colors of the shop are mainly green and brown; these colors remind us of those earthy elements like the tea leafs and the coffee beans; or even the rich brown shade of the woods. We all know that how much colors can affect our mood when we’re at a particular place, and Hoi An Roastery does offer that environment of chillaxation. With jazz music being filled the whole entire shop, I didn’t even want to go back to Saigon just yet, and Da Nang in general has felt like my second home since that moment.

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Source: Trip Advisor

So, whenever you’re in doubt of a coffee shop to visit while in Hoi An and if you tend to have a hypothesis of having coffee in Hoi An is just so ordinary because all of the shops are pretty similar. Do not miss out Hoi An Roastery, you are just one step away from a great cup of coffee and indeed, a place for you to contemplate about your future plans.

For more information about the shop, click here.

Address: 135 Trần Phú Street, Hoi An Old Quarter. 

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