How Technology Changes The Way We Travel?

Technology has changed rapidly the way 1.2B travelers nowadays. From the time they make decision where to go to the moment they travel. And until the post-vacation with #throwback on social media.

So here we are, go through the top 5 technology that at Triip, we think it have changed dramatically our travel.

We will try to make it more general, not just only talk about “Earn To Travel” feature of Triip App 😚

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Technology changed the way we book a flight, a room, access hotel services, are informed of daily events and seek advice to sightsee a city– Chatbots for the win!

Chatbots have become the perfect travel companion. Many hotels and flight companies already offer messaging options to their customers, either by giving the ability to text them through their own apps or establishing messaging channels like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. But the real revolution is chatbots — they are becoming huge assets to this industry. Chatbots allow a person to interact with either a human or artificial intelligence via a chat interface. 

Here are some of the ways that chatbot is helping the travel industry:

  • Enhance customer engagement: Chatbot assists customer WHENEVER they require. It also provides multiple options to book your holidays and even send you an automated reminders.
  • Proficient customer services: Because it is a software tool so chatbot can provide solutions instantly to immediate problems. It supports customers irrespective of the timezone. By this way, travelers feel that someone is there for them to help them out from every problem anytime and anywhere.
  • Maximize your time: Chatbots can handle multiple queries at a time and saves your precious time.
  • Access to data: Chatbots is software that has a record of each of their communication with the users. Thus it can help companies to know better about their customer preferences, what actually they are seeking for, their purchase history, what’s trending in the market and can access to the chat history anytime so that they can refer their queries at any time whenever they want.

Electronic Payments made traveling safer and easier

Among the advantages of going cashless it is worth to highlight two of them: the convenience — there is no longer the need to carry a lot of cash, a couple of credit cards or even stay in the queue for ATM withdrawals. And lower risk — especially true while traveling abroad, where the loss of cash can cause a great inconvenience. 

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What’s else? Electronic Payment (or Digital Payment) makes it easier for travelers to spend. They spend more and they might otherwise, bolstering local economy.

Technology made travelling more environmentally friendly and less time-consuming

Gone are the days where there was a need to print the airline ticket, boarding pass or hotel reservation. Thanks to online reservations, mobile check-ins and e-tickets we can save large amounts of paper and not worry about carrying numerous documents around. This is a win-win situation.

Moreover, there are many platforms that provides eco-friendly hotel. More and more platforms helps you to know which one is eco-certification.

These are hundreds of sustainable travel app like Triip that make your travel always great and support for sustainable tourism.

Technology allowed us to have more personalised and unique experiences

Modern travelers, particularly Millennials, are on the lookout for customized and unique experiences and with the help of technological advancements they can find them.

Triip app has “CREATE TRAVEL PLAN” section to help you customize your holiday and gift you the best price from 29M rooms, 80,000+ global tours and activities worldwide. What’s more?

After you come back from travel, submit the travel proof to us. You will receive 264TIIM – and from these travel points. Take it to book your next tour! This is what we call EARN TO TRAVEL.

Last but not least, Blockchain

Blockchain technology is in its initial stages, but it is clear that it will change many industries in radical ways, including travel – stability and security rank very highly. The decentralized nature of the blockchain means that information can never go ‘offline’ or be lost through accidental deletion or a malicious cyber attack, ensuring transactions are always traceable.

We are aiming to build an ecosystem based on this technology to help you maximize your travel experience.

How we do it?

We build Triip Protocol – is co-created by Triip Pte. Ltd, the pioneer blockchain firm and with 100+ travel innovators worldwide. The profitable travel blockchain startup licensed by the Singapore Tourism Board was founded in 2014 and has since taken in $835,000 in venture capital funding and enjoyed nearly 400 percent in year-over-year growth.

Our goal is become the biggest sustainable travel ecosystem in the world which focuses on job creation, cultural immersion and eco-friendly impacts. With our smart-contract based protocol, we simplify businesses’ operations and empower the community worldwide to create a new travel economy. Tokenization helps to align interests and build a sustainable tourism ecosystem. 

A little bit confused about blockchain. Follow our Medium. Don’t know anything about Blockchain, well, IT’S TIME to know something.

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