How to make money during traveling

make money during traveling

Earn cash during traveling is currently a prioritized choice by many travelers. It  is a way to economize travellers’ travel budget. Here is a list of  jobs for you to make money while enjoying your trips.

  1. Travel blogger.

Create your own blog, there will be your journal in which you can share your observations and awesome experience: such as unique local food,  lifestyle, local customs, breath-taking architecture or spectacular sceneries. On the other hand, you can create your channel on YouTube and post videos about places you have been with authentic emotions and thoughts of yours. The more attractive your blog is, the more view it can attract. The more view you have, the more money you earn.
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  1. Freelance Travel Writer/ Photographer.

It’s the most common job for travellers who can be a fair writer and/or an excellent photographer. Apply for a collaborator position for travel magazines before the trip and complete your articles during your trip.
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  1. Voluntourism.

The word combines  between two words : volunteer and tourism. This kind of traveling is now a trend and it will develop strongly with the help of many non governmental volunteer organizations. This kind of traveling gives you chances to experience truly local style and also, when you work for the locals voluntarily, they will offer you free meals and accommodation.
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  1. Waiter/Waitress.

Some restaurants or coffee shops give travellers chances to earn money during their trips. You can work the morning shift and spend the rest of your day discovering nightlife. However, this job requires you to quickly solve problem and have experiences in F&B industry.

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