Important Holidays in Thailand to Keep in Mind

holidays in thailand

Thailand is a multi cultural country that you can easily get immersed in, literally everyday is a party or a memorable celebration of a royalty. But if you want to double up the fun, Thailand does have their regional holidays to offer if you wish to learn more about their distinctive heritage.

  1. Songkran Festival (April 13th – April 15th)

Songkran is considered to be one of the most popular festivals to attend in Thailand, one thing to keep in mind that you’re about to get wet from all the water guns and water buckets out there. This 3-day celebration is often combined with the weekend to make it a 5-day holiday for the Thai public. In Thailand, Songkran is Thai New Year and splashing at each other is a sign of luck and prosperity. So, get as wet as possible.

holidays in thailand

2. Chakri Day (April 6th)

This public holiday is to celebrate the existence of Chakri Dynasty aka the current dynasty in Thailand. It celebrates the founding of this dynasty and it’s when Thai people spend their moment to pay respect to the past and current dynasty.

holidays in thailand

3. Coronation Day (May 5th)

This is the celebration of Thai’s current King, King Bhumibol. He was crowned king in 1946 and and is the king that has his longest run in the world.

holidays in thailand

4. The Queen’s Birthday/Mother’s Day (August 12th)

The celebration of the the Queen’s birthday, as well as Thailand’s Mother’s Day simultaneously. Killing two birds with one stone, ain’t it cool?

holidays in thailand

5. Children’s Day (6th January) 

Thai kids are all in for another Children’s Day celebration in January and not only with the usual June 1st, it’s celebrated on the second Saturday of January. On this very special event, kids are taken out by their parents for refreshments, lots of fun at the amusement parks and other activities during the day.

holidays in thailand

6. Chulalongkorn Day (23th October):

The death anniversary of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) and it’s also a public holiday. As for today, Rama is still worshiped as a semi god and people still pay their tributes by leaving their offerings in front of his statue in hopes that their prayers will be answered.

 holidays in thailand

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