Increase Your Earnings as a Travel Writer

Travel blogger or not, everyone can increase their earnings from travel with this simple app

Being a travel blogger can sometimes seem like all risk and no reward. The Triip app can help you even this out.

“Quit your job and launch you career as a travel blogger! Get paid to travel the world!”

Heard that one before, haven’t you?

If you love travel and you have a knack for writing (maybe you even have a travel blog), you’ve probably been served up an ad or a website promising you something like the above. Maybe you’ve been published a few times or have had a little commercial success with your own travel blog. “It would be great if this were my full time job,” you think. A search for “get paid as a travel writer” turns up websites like these promising to deliver the “secrets” of how to make money while traveling coupled with some beautiful shots or something with pen in hand, perhaps writing in a travel blog, while at some beautiful locale.

Nevertheless, open your Instagram feed right now or do a routine search for “travel bloggers” to see the world of people who are paid to write and travel. What’s going on?

Here’s the honest truth: you can get paid to write a travel blog and travel. If you have then you know it’s not the easiest path, career wise or financially.  Many people have to remain in the game for years before they have success to generate traffic at their travel blog.

Most travel bloggers take on their writing project as a side hustle while they’re learning the ropes. That can take a lot of forms, either through affiliate marketing, through sponsored posts from a hotel, or something similar.

But what if you as a travel blogger could get paid to travel?

What if your supplemental income was through traveling though? What if you could get paid to travel?

The Triip app is the only travel platform that pays you to travel.

Meet Triip, the Only App that Pays Travelers

Triip pays travelers to share their travel plans, verify their whereabouts and much more of the things you’re already doing as a traveler. It’s such a generous app that it even pays folks for downloading.

What are you waiting for? Find Triip on the app marketplace of choice and get your first payment as a paid traveler now.



Triip is a first-of-its-kind travel platform built on a blockchain system. We want you to see the world and earn cryptocurrency—our proprietary token TriipMiles (TIIM) in exchange—in exchange. It’s that simple.

Travel writers, this is your next side hustle.

You’re going somewhere, we’d like to pay you for sharing your travel itinerary. You’re taking great photos of your travels.  You post them online already for free. Mind sharing them with Triip for payment?

The Lucky Wheel gives users a chance to earn free cryptocurrrency each day within the Triip app.

How It Works

Step 1: Download the Triip app

Find it on your app marketplace of choice.



Step 2: Login for your first payment

Triip is serious about paying travelers, which is why we offer an initial payment to travelers at the first login with 88 TIIM. Use this payment toward a selection of millions of accommodations available through Triip as well as our entire catalogue of local tours and unique, tailored experiences available through the app.

Travel bloggers, this is a great way to get access to new destinations and materials to help you generate more content and more activity on your travel blog. Paying with TIIM means you’ll get it at the best price

Step 3: Start Getting Paid

Navigate to the “Earn” tab of the Triip app and start exploring your earning methods. Triip pays for:

* submitting a travel plan in advance of your trip

* Verifying your travels by submitting travel proof such as airplane tickets, train tickets, attraction tickets, etc.

* Sharing Triip with others by our referral program. More friends, more income.

Travel bloggers, booking with TIIM is one of the best ways to get your accommodations. Not only do we offer the best price, but travel bloggers like you and all over Triip users get a 5% rebate for every hotel booking. Enjoy discounts on vouchers in networks and stays at over 6 million accommodations in nearly 300 countries.

Create a Travel Plan on the Triip app and we’ll furnish rewards.

Step 4: Keep Earning

You’re not always on the move but that doesn’t mean you TIIM balance has to stop growing. One of our most popular features in the Triip app is the Lucky Wheel, a mini game inside of the Triip app that allows users to earn TIIM, hotel stays or other prizes. That’s it. Use Triip regularly to play the Lucky wheel, have fun and increase income for your next trips and next entries in to your travel blog.

The Triip app has international acclaim and broad recognition from the world’s most important financial and travel organizations.

What’s the Catch?

This is the part where we’d share any disclaimers or legal disclosures that protect us from accusations of misrepresentation or fraud. We’re pleased to let you know that there aren’t any.

Triip is a five-year-old company incorporated in Singapore built on a simple premise: the world should earn to travel. 

Is it such a crazy idea? The travel industry in 2019 was a nearly $8 trillion economy. There’s more than enough money to go around. Doesn’t some of it belong to those who are out there seeking adventure like you?

Triip’s unique business model and journey as a company has been covered extensively in outlets like Forbes and Nikkei. Our contributions to the business community and the broader public have been recognized by legacy institutions like Visa and the United Nations.

What’s more our journey has been covered extensively in by startup reporters in media worldwide. Here’s a brief overview of our press mentions:

“Triip platform challenges Google model for use of personal information.” -Nikkei

“It is an ambitious idea that confounds even some tech enthusiasts.” -Tech In Asia

The company’s mission is to change the way people travel worldwide, create jobs for local people, and help cities preserve local cultures.” -KrAsia

Heard enough? Ready to get started to make your income increase for many next tríp? Download the Triip app today.



One final note

Here are Triip, we love traveling as much as we love the world. Travelers with Triip help us grow a sustainability fund that we use for reforestation and ocean rehabilitation. One percent of all bookings on Triip go to initiatives to enhance environmental protections.

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