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Interactive Outing with Tokyo Outdoor Weekend 2016

Looking for a place to hang outdoors with your buds? Look no further, Tokyo Outdoor Weekend 2016 is in town for you activity freaks out there. 

Tokyo Outdoor Weekend features a variety of activities from dusk to dawn, the choice is endless. You can either enjoy food and drinks as food stands will be available throughout the day; or immerse in the musical scene as live music gigs will be there for your pleasure, performed local Japanese artists. Moreover, craft markets and yoga sessions will also be taking place.

Source: Time Out

Source: JeepStyle

Follow the information below regarding the dates, time and place:

Dates: 26 March – 27 March 2016 

Times: 10AM – 9PM (March 26) and 10AM-6PM (27 March_ 

Advanced tickets: 1500 Yen / Day ticket: 2000 Yen. 

Location: Shin – Toyosu Station Event Zone – 6-4 Tonyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo. 

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