Another Underrated Spot to see Cherry Blossoms in Japan

If the other places in Japan are insanely crowded for you to see cherry blossoms, then feel free to switch to another sakura province in Nakameguro. You can take a stroll on the sakura-lined river with your loved ones or pay visits at its local shops and restaurants. 

Nakameguro is currently the new found place to watch cherry blossoms, as the season starts to grow from the very beginning of April. Guests can stroll along the sakura side roads in which they are bloomed beautifully in a vibrant pinkish tone. Along the way, you can be able to find cool shops and restaurants to make a pit stop at when you’re in need for a meal or some souvenirs.

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If you seek for a beautiful set of kimono to bring home, check out Kapuki boutique for traditional kimonos. This 2 year old kimono shop keep the kimono organic and original, try to look for yukata aka a kimono made with Japanese denim. Or, if you’re looking for decorations for your own little home, Kakitsubata is your next stop. The shop carries hand carved kitchen tools and unique sculptures.

We cannot miss the eateries here. Aoya is the ultimate choice if you want to have your meal as authentic and cozy as possible in an old house, famous for their Japanese curry and simmered tofu. Or Chanoma for delicious lunch sets with rice, Japanese omelette and grilled fish.

Chanoma Cafe – Source: xyourfingers

What are you waiting for? Put this on your check list and see it for yourself! We can’t wait to hear your stories!

**info narrated from: CN Traveler**

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