Japanese Chocolate Ramen : Special Dose on Valentine’s Day

You might be wondering: for real? Follow Brian for a limited Ramen Adventure! 

Chocolate ramen is there for real!Source: Huff Post

It’s true, dear! Chocolate ramen is simply a noodle bowl that has the regular ramen and different types of meat that we usually have, the only difference is the broth. It’s made of CHOCOLATE! And also, you might be a little biased “Why ramen and chocolate? Obviously they don’t go together!”. But according to Brian as he has a bowl of spicy lamb choco ramen, the chocolate smells really intense but once you dig in, not so much of a chocolate taste comes out of it. Which is good enough for the balance of the taste, and it’s worth for a limited edition!

If you happen to be in Japan just in time for Valentine’s Day, take your soulmate out for a boiling hot bowl of choco ramen. It’s both sweet and delicious! Your date might thank you later (or not!).

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