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List Of Tools To Learn, Work And Travel For A Nomad


1. Google Flights — a great tool for checking the world map with available flights to numerous destinations and prices.

2. Momondo — a smart tool for searching cheapest flights.

3. JetRadar — another great tool to search various airlines and find cheapest tickets.

4. Nomad List — useful tool for finding where to go next as a digital nomad, find prices of accommodation, weather, community

5. Agoda — find cheap hotels, a quite good value in Southeast Asia.

6. Airbnb — find accommodation anywhere in the world

7. Booking — find and book cheap hotels, you can pay once you arrive.

8. Google Maps — Amazing service for finding your way anywhere in the world.

9. Foursquare — great app for discovering coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, bars and more.

10. Triip – The travel platform for truly local experiences


1. Pen and paper — old school pen and notebook work well for quick sketching or daily planning.

2. Toggl — simple and easy to use time tracker.

3. RescueTime — analytics software that tracks everything you do on your laptop and shows a productivity score.

4. Trello — a great tool for planning your projects and managing tasks with a team.

5. Apple Calendar — part of OSX operating system, works very well with your MacBook and iPhone.

6. Evernote — a great tool for taking notes, saving PDF’s, scanning and saving receipts.

7. Wunderlist— to-do list app with intuitive user interface.

8. Speedtest — best tool to quickly evaluate if a cafe or restaurant has a fast WiFi for working.


1. TED — amazing and inspiring videos

2. Duolingo — learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian for free.

3. Skillshare — high-quality courses for creatives and entrepreneurs.

4. Udemy — thousands of courses on every imaginable subject.

5. Codeacademy — interactive and free coding courses.

6. Medium — a platform that connects amazing storytellers and readers seeking for inspiring stories.


1. Product Hunt — a powerful tool for discovering hottest products in the world voted by the community of tech experts, investors and general public.

2. StumbleUpon — a free web-browser extension which acts as an intelligent browsing tool for discovering and sharing websites.

3. Random Useful Websites — hit the button and get a random useful website, surprisingly works like magic.

4. Nuzzel — social, real-time platform that allows you to see the news that your friends share.

5. Prismatic — choose topics you are interested in and get the best content recommendations.


1. Slack — messaging app for teams. Get focused on work and reduce email communication.

2. Calendly — a tool for scheduling meetings, calls.

3. Skype — free software for instant messaging and video/audio calls.

4. Gmail — no need to talk about


1. WordPress — a blogging platform that powers 25% of the internet.

2. Bluehost — affordable and reliable hosting for your blog or small project.

3. ThemeForest — Photoshop and HTML templates, themes for different content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress, Shopify, Drupal and more.

4. MaxCDN — a content delivery network which makes your website load significantly faster.

5. Grammarly— a fantastic tool that will make you a better writer. It checks your spelling, grammar and suggests fixes instantly.

6. MailChimp — another email marketing software. Good for smaller projects, an account with up to 2,000 subscribers is free.

7. SumoMe — online software for growing your website’s traffic and subscribers.

8. Unsplash — high-quality free photos to use for personal and commercial projects.

9. StockSnap — this tool allows you to search for free stock photos that don’t suck.

Photo & Video

1. iPhone— this powerful device fulfills all my photo/video needs.

2. ScreenFlow (for Mac users) — the screen capture software.

3. VSCO Cam — software for editing photos

4. Instagram — a great source of inspiration as well as a medium to share my travels and daily life.

5. Flickr — great for storing photos online.

6. YouTube — great for watching videos, listening to music but also for storing all videos

7. Canva —an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop design platform that’s online and free to use.


1. Headspace — app for everyone who wants to try meditation.

2. StayFocusd — block distracting websites and have a limited time a day to access them.

3. AdBlock — an add-on for Chrome that blocks ads on the websites, including video ads on YouTube.

4. Spotify — millions of songs for free

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