Mail delivered by Mule Train at Supai Village

Supai Village – located in the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA is the only place in the world with mail delivered by mules.


In 2010, the population here was about 208 pp.




To get inside the village, people would need to walk, get on a helicopter or riding on mules.

For delivery here, the only way is by mule.

07 AUGUST 2000 - SUPAI, AZ: Mules wait at hitching posts to be loaded with the mail in the parking lot eight miles above the village of Supai on the Havasupai Indian reservation in northern Arizona, Aug. 7. There are no roads or rail service into Supai, a village of 600 people on the floor of the Grand Canyon, west of the Grand Canyon National Park, so the mail is delivered by mule train. The wranglers who lead the mules down to the village haul everything from letters and postcards to fresh produce and refrigerated foods. The mail is hauled down the steep mountain slopes five days a week rain or shine. It normally takes about three hours to haul the mail down. The mule wranglers are self employed contractors and have to provide all of their own mules and equipment. Although the muletrain delivery of the mail is unusual, the Postal Service uses whatever mean necessary to deliver the mail, including sled dogs in Alaska and boats in other areas. Because of budget shortfalls, the US Postal Service is threatening to close the post office in Supai. PHOTO BY JACK KURTZ

Every year, there are around 20,000 travelers who come here to experience the life of the village. As a result, tourism becomes the main income of the people there.

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