Malacca – A Hidden Gem Of Malaysia

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A historical city is famous for many specific colonial architectures, Malacca welcomes tourists with its peacefulness and mystery. It became a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO since 2008. Walking around the city to remind a glorious history of one of the most important ports in Southeast Asia in the past.
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Dutch square and Christ church: It’s outstanding with an unique pink in most of architectures, and also is a symbol of Malacca. Tourists are interested in walking around and taking a photo with colorful  3-wheels local bike here. The most must-see  place in Malacca
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St Pauls Cathedral : Located in Bukil St.Paul hill with its own serenity in spite of the flowing of time. This cathedral brings itself an mysterious historical story. Visiting here in the early morning, tourists can avoiding the crowd and feel the cool weather
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Porta de Santiago (a Famosa) : constructed by Portuguese  in 18th century. It lies under the Bukit St Paul hill. This is where you can see the ruins of Portuguese fortress.
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Jonker walk : a soul of Malacca which contains small quite streets and houses with ancient architecture. Many restaurants, coffee shops and souvenir stores are available. Walking around this street is excited where tourists can refresh themselves and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere here. During weekends, the night market open. Beside many street vendors that sellsmany type of souvenirs, there are many foodstalls to enjoy the local street foods.
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Museum at Stadhuys buiding : This museum is all about the history of Malacca, specially the colonial stories.
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Baba and Nyonya Peranakan museum : this genre of cultures is one of the unique things of Malaysia when combining Chinese culture and Malaysian culture. Tourists can learn everything about this culture in such a wonderful museum.
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Try Nyonya food : This cuisine is cambination between Chinese cuisine and Malaysian cuisine but is very authentic at Malacca
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Geographer coffee shops : It is the most popular coffee shops in Malacca due to the opening time until 1 am. Stores in Malacca is closed very early, so, this is a good choice for those who wants to enjoy the nightlife here.
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Baboon house : an elegant coffee shop which was improved from the ancient house with specific mark of traditional Chinese houses in Malacca.
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Malacca river cruise : A nice way to explore the city, and the best time to have a cruise is sunset

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