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Traveling to Rome soon? These are the must-do when in Rome

Traveling to Rome soon? These are the basic must-do when in Rome. Believe me, once you learn enough about Rome, you will wish you would have planned more time to stay here. Not only the food, but also many outdoor activities would make a reservoir of entertainment.

Rome – fashion kingdom

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Ladies and fashionistas, shopping in Rome is a must-do when you travel here. Do not miss your chance. I repeat, DO NOT forget to shop!

If you need some more fashionable clothes yet spending little money, you are in the right place. There are many flea markets in every corner of the city. These markets provide high-quality designed clothes. Custom-made clothes are designed JUST FOR YOU at reasonable prices. One thing to remember, Rome is packed with pickpockets, so please be careful with your belongings. Your first prioritized must-do when in Rome is nothing but shopping!

Travis Fountain – when in Rome

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Have you seen “When in Rome” – the romantic comedy whose love story is all about the Travis Fountain here – in Rome? If yes, what are you waiting for but running there and doing what Beth did? If not, you should watch it and go run to do what Beth did! Why? Because it is simply a must-do in Rome.

Rome is undoubtedly a city of fountains. But The Travis Fountain is the most famous one among them. It is believed that if a person throws a coin into the water while closing their eyes and making a wish, their dream will come true. So, why don’t you take a chance to try and see whether your dream may come true or not. Who knows, you may find ” THE ONE” here? 😉

Gelato – any sweettooth’s heaven

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Five centuries ago, Italian initiated the unbelievably yummy recipe Gelato and they have never stopped trying to perfect its recipe, that was the reason why Gelato is your top must-do when in Rome. Nowadays, Gelato has 120 tastes for you to choose, so maybe keep calm and deep your toung in GELATO!

Vatican – a moment of harmony



Two thousands years of history, Vatican is the irresistible for both Christian and non-Christian. Vatican lets you travel in time and rich history of Christians, historical evolutions of human race and the magic of faith. Only 12 Euros and you can talk to history, isn’t it magical? The more research you have done before your trip, the more you will learn and broaden your mind. This is absolutely the top must-do when in Rome

Have fun in Rome!

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