Nasi Lemak : A National Soul Of Malaysian Cuisine

Nasi Lemak
Visiting Malaysia, from any food stalls on the street to supermarkets or even in luxury restaurants, hotels, you can easily find Nasi Lemak in menu. It is a daily irreplaceable dish in Malaysian meal.

Nasi Lemak is said to be a speciality in Malaysian cuisine. Its recipe is very simple: rice cooked with coconut juice and served with cucumber, roasted peanut, dried fish, dried venison, Malaysian chilly and boiled egg, sometimes they add beef, chicken or seafood. Greasy taste of coconut juice combining with curry taste and a variety of ingredients make Nasi Lemak a feast in your mouth with multiple flavors in one bite. Magical huh?

There are two ways to cook Nasi Lemak:

Nasi Lemak

A traditional Malaysian Nasi Lemak (origin) with ikan bilis, roasted peanut, fried fish, cucumber and a boiled egg. Source here

Chinese Nasi Lemak. Source here

Chinese Nasi Lemak. Source here

A Chinese style like Chong Pang Nasi Lemak or Changi Village Nasi Lemak with many ingredients like fried chicken, chicken sausage, fish cake, vegetable cooked with curry et canned meat.

A traditional Nasi Lemak is wrapped in banana leaf but nowadays, in some fast food store, due to convenient taking away, it is carried in plastic boxes.

In some multiple choice food store, you can create your own Nasi Lemak by choosing available ingredients like : grilled fish, grilled bean, cucumber, boiled egg, curry…That forms many type of nasi lemak and each restaurant’s possess their own recipe of this dish.


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