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If you are in New York, don’t do these things!

New York

Known as one of the largest cities in the world, New York seems always bring you an infinite flow of energy. Once you have decided to set foot on New York, it is advisable for you to learn in advance about its culture and mind your actions to prevent misbehaviour.

Here is what you SHOULD NOT do in New York.

1. Stop on the pavement

The majority of city residents do not drive , so the sidewalks are like streets, with the same kind of “traffic law”. Respect the walkers and do not stand still in the middle of the road to take photos or search your map. Instead, move aside to make way for others.

New York

NYC Street

2. Get on an empty subway

Subways are usually left empty because the air conditioner is broken down or the subway needs cleaning up. Therefore, do not get on an empty subway.

3. Block the subway’s entrance

Subways in New York City are always crowded! Respect the passengers and and stand inside the subway. Do not stand near the entrance as you’ll make other passengers have difficulty when getting on and off the train.

New York

4. Just spend time in

Manhattan is surely what most people think of when visiting New York City, but four other boroughs(Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx) also have their own unique charm and certainly valuable for a visit. Additionally, all of them are easily accessed by subway. Especially, restaurants and shopping places in the outer boroughs are usually cheaper than in Manhattan!

New York

Brooklyn, New York

5. Afraid to ask for help

New Yorkers can be unfriendly, but they will be still courteous and willing to help you if you politely ask for help. Most local people are proud of their tutorial skills (showing that they know well about the city). Therefore, do not be afraid to stop and ask for directions to get you to the Fifth Avenue or how to get to the city center. They are really friendly!

6. Hire a car

Real estate is expensive in New York City and looking for a parking space is not easy. New York City has an excellent public transport system in operation for 24/7. Let’s use public transport! Do not waste your time struggling with traffic in New York or looking for parking spaces. Please take the bus, subway, or taxi. You’ll save time and money.

7. Miss a museum visit in New York

If your budget is not well off, let’s visit a museum in New York, where you can be affordable to pay for what you want to see before deciding to strike museum out of your list because of money.

New York

Metropolian Museum of Art


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